to have rough sex with someone.
man, alex was beatin' it up with that broad last night!
by paycheck March 22, 2004
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to cruise around city streets while listening to extremely loud music, preferably rap
Aaron: A yo man lets go cruise around Beatin up da Block!
Joel: 4 sho!
by J_A September 30, 2006
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when a man fucks a female in the ass.

sarah said to rae: "eew. why would a nigga fuck in the ass when theres a wet pussy in front of him."

rae: "i knoww right??!! its like....-"
sarah:"its like a pussy comes out white when a female cums."
rae: "eeww!! and the ass itll come out brown!!!"
s:"hahaha!! like chocolate!!!"
r: "yeahh!! and the niggas cum is white like milk...milk and chocolate!!!"
s: "hahahaha makin brownies!!"
both: "beatin up the brownie batter!!!!"
by RaeRaeJC September 25, 2007
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