a person suffering from a disease called anorexia which is sometimes shortened as ana

an anorexic constantly thinks their fat whether they weight 90 lbs or 140lbs and have a BMI which is very low and unhealty

anorexic suffer from psychological problems and may show symptoms like cooking for others but never eating, restricting etc, and will need to go into recovery or psychological treatments to recover.
My good friend is anorexic and I am trying to get her to get some help befor eit is too late.
by slowpoison May 9, 2004
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a person who isn't satisfied with their outer appearance, including their weight. they'll stop little to no intake on food. they truly think that they are obece. have very low self esteem. they're always cold. obsess on what they DO intake so they don't DIE, (if they couldn't eat and still live, they would). and usually, they over exercise to lose most of the weight.


most of you don't happen to know that.
oh shit man. i'm anorexic.
by Michelle Mudda Fcka. January 24, 2008
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catch word used by 350 pound whales with low self-esteem to describe any woman who isn't obese and/or attracts male attention.

Models, actresses and other pretty women are anorexic and bad and only "healthy" women like us are beautiful on the inside!
by notablob June 1, 2007
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A word morbidly obease women with mullets use to classify those who weigh less than them and/or is much more attractive.
Obease mullet lady: Look at dat there darn' actrus sheus 5'5 an 110 lbs hur bmi is lower'n mine she mus be anorexic.
Her father(husband): BRING ME A DAMN BEAR.
by nighthound55 April 28, 2008
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Anorexia is a serious disease where the person with the disease psychologically believes they are fat and then proceeds to starve themselves, take laxitives and vigorously exercise to try not to gain any weight. Anorexic people have a low self image of themseleves and they are usually really thin and unhealthy.

In my opinion there are three types of anorexics:
1. A full blown anorexic. They think themselves unworthy to eat. In this case anorexia becomes a way of life and they can't stop without psychological help.
2. The person is anorexic to lose some weight and when they have lost the desired weight they start to eat normally again (since the body goes into starvation mode when you don't eat for a certain amount of time your metabolism is slowed down. Therefore, when you start to eat again your metabolism is still as slow as it was during the time you didn't eat. These people usually gain back most of the weight they lost because their metabolism takes time to speed back up).
3. The person who is fishing for comliments. They tell people they think they are fat and then eat little to no food in front of them. Usually just want to hear people say that they aren't fat and then go home to scarf a box of donuts.
1. Person: Hey, are you hungry?
Anorexic person: Oh yea. I'm starved. I'll eat one starwberry.
Person: Only one?
Anorexic person: well I don't want to spoil myself...
2."hmm maybe ill lose some weight for bikini season **seven weeks later** it worked! *snarf* oh no. i'm back to 140!"
3."anorexic" person: man i'm fat :-(
person: No way. you are so thin
"anorexic" person: yea. w/e. (later at home) *chomp, snarf*
by a premiscuous girl June 20, 2006
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severe pyschiatric disorder where one thinks they are fat and may weigh themselves compulsivley, count calories rigorously, or excercise to much.
Being anorexic is hell! Don't count calories! Just eat freakin' food! Stop when you're full! Start when you're hungry! Do this or else you'll be freakin' anorexic!
by tdgdgd November 26, 2005
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An actually problem people have with not eating enough food because they are skinny.

***Actually used to make fun of girls who are naturally skinny.

Nobody wants to be skinny in the USA anymore they want to be 'normal' which is actually a bit chubby!
Eat somthing girrll! you are anorexic !

haha your so ugly and anorexic !

god! do ever eat?? your fucking anorexic !

ewwww that anorexic girl ?!!
by sexy_girl92 November 4, 2006
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