Perhaps originating from the British Empire - disgustingly is an overly exaggerated adjective.
What a crazy adventure! I'll have to tell you about it in another note. This one is disgustingly long as it is and I didn't even tell you about the fully costumed scottish band!
by Chicki Cole May 24, 2007
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So overly cute that you find it disturbing, but you're not complaining.
The way he always calls me his bae is disgustingly cute
by Kubs1775 February 2, 2016
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A phrase used when someone does something that is way beyond rude. It is so rude it is un-freaken-believable. It's a feeling of strong loathing.
OMG, she deleted me from her facebook. How disgustingly rude.
by vasessa July 9, 2010
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its disgusting how good it is. 11/10
Matt: This pasta is disgusting
*shatters plate on ground*
Matt: ... disgustingly good
by Potterbread August 9, 2019
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Like so cute it's disgusting or gross. But disgusting is used in a good way, using disgusting because it's a strong word, but instead of nasty or gross, it's just ridiculously cute.
Oh my god Becky, you and Rachel are so in love it's disgustingly cute.
by SeXyFrEak69xxxx April 8, 2016
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To be cute in a super ridiculous level
"Amanda is disgustingly cute when she smiles."
by bbkfnut February 5, 2016
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a response given to someone when they label your actions or physique as disgusting to divert their attention from the disgusting issue through good humour
action: man burps
woman: ewwww thats so disgusting
man: disgustingly goodlooking ;);)
by David nasser July 22, 2008
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