Just a great overall person. A genius when it comes to advice, sports and rapping, but also Rico has a heart. Loved by many & hated by most but still never settles for less. Rico's tend to come accross shy or really quite, as they also tend to open a wide verity of doors for a person they can trust. You have to really listen to Rico as he speaks, so not just the message he sends can get thru but the feeling of the message may rub off you.
Stranger: "Worst day ever"
Rico: "Its fine cause now you'll have the best day ever"
Stranger: "Whys that?"
Rico: "Cause I'm here"
by Kate Riley March 15, 2017
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It is a description of something or someone who has the ability to have a dual character at any one point of time. He has the skill to be serious but add a pinch of humour into his actions and words. Often known to be socially active and is charming in nature, getting all damn girls is a breeze.
Rico has an outer shell and inner shell. Although he may appear tough and hard to talk to on the outside due to his muscles, he is actually caring and easy going when you have the opportunity to talk to him.

This can be refered to as a RICOLA situation
Roxy: HEY! Look at that guy! He seems rather cold..
Troy: Actually, he is RICOLA!
by MS VALAYTHIS March 3, 2015
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Rico is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. He knows how to make you laugh and all around brighten your day. He's a keeper. If you have a Rico, never let him go.
Rico: Are you okay?
You: More or less.
Rico: is there anyway I can make it to more side?
by Caramelizedhearts January 2, 2020
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If you need help with getting girls (in anywhich way you want), you've got to listen to Rico. It might sound irrational, but why ask then?
"Friend" - What should I do to get this chick?
Rico - You gotta do *this* and *that*
"Friend" - No, You're crazy...
Rico - (while laughing outloud) Alright then...
by Cleopatro April 3, 2012
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A rico is usually a short human with an unquenchable libido. Many ricos have been seen leaving bars with more than 3 women at a time. This has been known to cause bar fights with jealous males.
Duder: Hey man, are those our girlfriends leaving with that dude over there?

Brozeph: Wait...yeah, they are! That rico is leaving with my girlfriend! We have to go beat him down!

Duder: Damn it, I hate ricos. I've lost three girlfriends to them already!

by daballa321 March 19, 2009
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A Spanish/Puerto Rican guy, who's used to getting a lot of girls. He'll do whatever it takes to seem cool to "the guys". Usually plays sports like soccer or wrestling, so he can use corny pick-up lines. Rico is the kind of guy that could date a girl for a long time and then just cheat on her with any random slut. He's all about hooking up and getting what he wants at any price. Although he's a douchebag, he's super hot and plays the nice guy card, so a lot of girls fall for him. But the bottom line is, if he's a Rico, he's no good. Run.
Cheyenne: "Yeah so Rico told me he liked me"
Morgan: "I wouldn't go for it... he's kind of a player..."
Cheyenne: "What? No he's not!"
Morgan: "Yeah.... he said the same thing to me yesterday."
Cheyenne: "EW that is so RICO of him... just when I thought he was different...."
by CallItLikeISeeIt September 20, 2012
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1.When a person uses many smaart tactics in order to hook up with persons-2.When a person makes their partner perform out-of-the-ordinary sexual performances.
1. How'd he get with her?ooooo hes must've
(done) the Rico.You did the Rico?
2. She did what? That guy must've (pulled) a rico. You pulled a Rico?
by Ricostyle August 7, 2008
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