(1)A clever splice of accurate and tally.

(2)A term of inherent rightness.

(3)Correct or true.
"I acutally have a bigger booty."

"I acutally won the game."

"I lost the acutally that time."
by JoolsrizzenS March 9, 2009
To look a little itty bit hint of cute
I was watching all the really cute guys with smokin abs, but one guy sat by me, and he was pushing his meh, he was acute
by Quinceflash July 29, 2020
"Not only did she have those spectacular jugulars, she also had acute angina."
by Mo Dixley August 9, 2005
A condition of chronic puffy labia fully up in them jeans. The full outline of a woman's lady parts stuffed deep in thier trousers. And or shorts. A bikini will work as well. What may not be included is a house dress or pajamas. If one is lucky enough to have a large puffy mound of dolphin beak, they mite benefit from acute kameltosis
Man, she must have acute kameltosis. That she must.
by Ivan barrister June 7, 2018
Refers to the act of having sex in the missionary position with a female who is flexible and or skinny enough to create an acute angle between her torso and her thighs.
E: I can't believe you fucked that gymnast
P: Ya bro, she was definitely an Acute Fuck
E: Way to go bru
by Phil R-C May 18, 2010