Is when a guy ejaculates before even inserting himself into the chick.
Damnit bill you prejaculated on my leg...sorry monica.
by Smalls08 January 2, 2008
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Premature ejaculation:

Usually used in reference to a situation in which someone is beating it up and accidentally skeets inside of someone they didn't plan to.
"I was beatin' it up raw last night and I accidentally prejaculated in that hoe before I could pull out. I hope she don't get pregnant."
by Nullpersona January 6, 2008
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The act of ejaculating before a desired time; Also known as premature ejaculation.
Ming: What is with my boyfriend and his damn prejaculation?
Dawn: Mmm... Alex prejaculates all the time and I love it.
by YapmelkXela February 13, 2010
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An unfortunate and premature ejaculation by a male, usually out of sheer excitement and sexual arousal, and also due to any lack of self control whatsoever. This condition is commonly found in adolescent, pre-teens, teens, adults, middle aged, and older men. Prejaculation leads to feelings of embarrassment, anger, and hostility towards ones self, as well as the sexual partner. Prejaculation is also known to have detrimental effects on emotional and future physical intimacy. Prejaculation among straight males usually causes their female sexual partners to gossip among other kindred females, commiserate, ridicule the men in question, and buy more dildos. Prejaculation among gay men typically leads to peals of laughter and semen cascading down buttock cheeks.
Dude, I was watching some midget porn on the internet last night and playing with my man and the boys and I totally prejaculated! Gotta buy a new keyboard!

Wife/girlfriend: Honey, can you please not fondle your genetalia as we pretend to foreplay? You know you have a history of prejaculation.
Husband/boyfriend: Can you PLEASE not remind me of that? I have self-esteem issues as it is!!
by johnny crap August 30, 2007
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The time when you are masturbating hard enough and know you are about to blow some good chunks but it just hasn't hapoened yet.
I was in the bathroom, feeling good, and all of a sudden, I felt it coming. However, it was only prejaculation; it hadn't quite come out yet.
by togotoog December 25, 2011
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