31 definition by Mofo

Something straight men are attracted to, and like to put syrup on and lick it off.
by mofo April 01, 2003

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A white person who finds it "cool" to be acting like a black person. Generally wears "wu-tang" shirt, and listens to "Eminem"

Abbrev. wigga
Yo wassup, my white nigger
by mofo February 29, 2004

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Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent.

A term for the festival held in rio de jenairo

A street parade for gay men and women
"We're going to the Mardi Gras, baby"
by mofo February 29, 2004

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when your dick is so same it is not Physically possible for you to wank
mum get me the tweezers
by mofo May 27, 2003

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Big Bowl of Dick

Synonomis with Hole in the head
I can use another crappy gift from my relatives about as much as a Big Bowl of Dick.
by mofo August 05, 2004

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a shifty-eyed individual would be best described as a "sly dog"
omfg George is such a fucking sly dog
by MoFo April 07, 2005

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What sensible people have
I own a Macintosh
by mofo March 11, 2004

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