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Word was coined at by the founder, Elusive. It is analagous to smacktard, fucktard, and asshat.
1. Smartass
2. Noob
3. Dumbass
4. Fuckhead
1. That's it, that's it, what shitpimple just ran into my plane.

2. Next time I get in a plane, why don't you shitpimples get in an AA and help me out.

3. Bullshit!! There is no way that shitpimple knew I was there.
by MoFo November 18, 2004
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Again coined by Elusive of TeamFHA.Com. In his day job working in Network Operations at an ISP he sees a lot of incompetency. This word was coined out of his frustration and describes those individuals who do not take the initiative to get out of bed let alone better themselves at their jobs.

1. Incompetent fuck
2. Deadbeat loser
3. Imbecile
Tom: Where's Lou?
Mike: Ahh, that fucking shitpimple wouldn't come to work because his tire spun on a dog turd.
by Mike January 27, 2005
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