Wears cowboy hats to funerals.
"Goddamit Austin, not again."
by Muffler man January 24, 2019
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Austin caring and sweet
Austin better known as giraffe a guy that is very trustworthy and even though he may be having a rough time he will still try and make you happy. He is genuinely nice and happy, and knows how to make someone smile, he is very much boyfreind material, Sometimes he can be a grouch butt but he surely makes up for it hes very lovable and caring. Everything about him is perfect hes tall handsome and nice. He can seem mean by just looking at him but I promise he's not.
by Tatashookykooky June 4, 2020
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He is a great guy, he makes you smile anytime you're with him. He always tries to cheer friends up expecially his girlfriend he'll stop at nothing untill shes smiling. He has amazing eyes and is an awesome kisser. He is always willing to work and kid around, he will take it too far with the joking so some people don't like him but those that know him know how sweet a guy he really is. Most girls won't take the time to get to know him when you do be ready to fall.
Her loss he is my Austin now.
by ThatCowboy'sAngel November 13, 2012
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An Austin is a guy you can really trust and a great listener. He will always be there for you and no matter how much you may try you will never forget him and will still like him when he stops talking to you and likes someone else. He will stick by your side as a friend though and is very trustworthy. He is very talented when it comes to intellect and music and thinks he is the least bit of nerd but he is the smartest person and secretly watches national geographic but, she notices. She notices everything. Although, make a wrong move and you may lose an Austin because he catches feelings for a popular girl prettier than you and still thinks yall are friends because that is the kind of person Austin is. So once you get an Austin. You hold tight. And never let go.
Friend 1: Why on earth do you like Austin?

Friend 2: Austin is the person who can be trusted and truly is a sweetheart he only shows it to people he cares about tho. What can I say. He is just an Austin
by Fridge250 April 12, 2019
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Austin Is The type of guy to steal somebody's cheese burger
Damnit Austin stole my cheeseburger

Hey have you seen my cheeseburger

Yeah Austin stole it
by Mr.poopyButthead October 19, 2020
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a unit of energy equal to the amount of heat required to burn a human being rendering
them to ash in 2.25 hours, or equal to 236,624.5 kcal. named after Austin last name unknown who was believed to be
the most flammable man alive
How many austins would it be to burn down this building?
by BobHopeLives October 28, 2019
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Oh dear, Austin is a complicated, fun, loving, sweet, adorable, sexy, cute, willing, comforting, and all around good guy. He thinks he is the worst person in the world, but he is really, truly, a total sweetheart. His eyes are to die for! And you might fall inlove with his voice. He may not know it, but he says some of the most romantic things at the right time. Even though most girls like a guy that can make another guy bleed, Austin is a pacifist. The worst part of this is that usually a lot of guys don't like him and try to pick fights with him. A lot of people(guys) like to talk a lot of crap on him, and it gets depressing, but he always gets through it. He is best friends with some of the weirdest people. And he will always be afraid of getting hurt. He wants to be a pirate, silly boy, and he is just amasing. It may be complicated to get to hang out with him if you never have before, but soon enough you will see him. And never regret it. If you know a guy like this Austin, go for it. He will be totally worth it, and he will know that you're worth it too, eventually.
Dude, did you see his eyes?

Of course! Totally an Austin.
:; Oh my gosh! He was SO adorable.
I know!! Austin for suree.
by IloveyouAustin<3 July 5, 2011
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