31 definition by Mofo

1. start of lent
2. Aust. Refers to ASh wednesday fires.
ash wednesday was last week
by mofo February 29, 2004

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A time before easter in the christian calander where sacrifice is made.

2. Stuff collected from bottom of washing machine, JK
"the pope has just declared lent"

A lent collecter
by mofo February 29, 2004

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Where people kill each other at the same time in 1st person shooters. Very annoying.
by MoFo November 23, 2003

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A crack head that is so fucked up that he can't relate to reality any longer.
The brackhead don't know shit no more.
by Mofo June 10, 2003

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a drinking trick that involves chasing pure vodka with pure beer...its called "The So" because it gets you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drunk.
Gabo: hey lets grab the ped
andrew: oh but how can we do it?
goma: fucking fucker calillo knows!
calillo: oh we'll try "the so"!
gabo: yea, the "so"!
andrew: oh ok lets grab the ped now...
by moFo July 21, 2004

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When you pull your testicles down and rub them on a girl/guys ass hole during sexuakl intercorse.
You gave her the flanker!
by Mofo April 01, 2003

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To have sexual intercourse with ya mum ...
I stupped ya mum in th emiddle of a zoo
by MOFO November 02, 2004

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