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In the game Battlefield 1942 on the Wake island map, it is the building in an airfield where snipers or other chickenshit players score points by hiding and taking cheap shots.
We have snipers in the chickenshack. Can someone get in there and get them.

Landing craft are approaching behind the chicken shack. Roger that!!
by MoFo December 29, 2004

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a piece of music
play us a song
by mofo February 29, 2004

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Thrash metal band from Staten Island
I listen to Sanitarius
by Mofo February 15, 2005

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The piece of toilet paper combined with shit, plucked pubic hairs that acquire around the asshole.
Fuck, no matter how much I wipe I cant get these crustymcflyeengs off my shithole.

Did you see the crustymcflyeens that collected in my underwear?
by MoFo December 21, 2004

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A baked cock that resembles a loaf of french bread.
Mike likes to eat baguettes that are shaved.
by MoFo December 21, 2004

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1. (adj) To have either unwashed genitals.
2. To state someone's state of mind when they are in a particularly bad mood.

History: I came up with this saying in 2000 while in pharmacy school. I was watching a video on female S.T.D.'s.
1. Yes I smell that funk. I think you have a little stinky on your hang-down.

2. Don't bitch at me because you have stinky on your hang-down.
by MoFo January 20, 2005

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A cosmetically modified car with stock engine AND Transmission.

A person who drives a car as such. One who tries to impress with swift lane changing and badly timed gear changes
Look at that ricer, what a F**khead
by mofo February 29, 2004

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