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A small amount that's made much of.
Come on, man, just a lousy 2 dollars is all I ask!
by Milt Alwin June 20, 2010

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All Beatles all the time. Beatles 24 hours a day, eight days a week!
This dedicated radio station plays Beatles music 24-8.
by Milt Alwin February 06, 2009

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Motoring through South Dakota passing by all those Wall Drug signs and enticements.
After Wall Druggin' it from Minneapolis, we arrived at Mount Rushmore.
by Milt Alwin July 25, 2009

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Those bunch of socialist and communist types who are OK with CEO's receiving multi-million-dollar severance packages plus bonuses when times are good, but who whine, complain and carry on and on when tha same things go on during bad times.
We are being inudated with fair weather capitalists in a snit over this AIG bonuses affair!
by Milt Alwin April 10, 2009

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Do something drastic.
I'll try clearing history & cookies or I'll do Live Update. But, as for getting my system serviced, don't make me go there!
by Milt Alwin August 14, 2010

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Music collector determined to keep his playlist all true stereo, as much as available, not letting that 1 or 2 songs go as mono or "underwater" stereo when they are indeed available in true stereo.
As a stereoist, I go to great lengths to keep my playlist all true stereo, even if I have to search for & buy extra music & cover accordingly what it takes to keep it pure.
by Milt Alwin March 13, 2010

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1. The NFL Monday Night Football.
2. Playing quarterback in or watching Monday Night Football.
Monday night quarterbacking is the great American tradition since 1970.
by Milt Alwin February 25, 2009

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