All Beatles all the time. Beatles 24 hours a day, eight days a week!
This dedicated radio station plays Beatles music 24-8.
by Milt Alwin February 7, 2009
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A term in comparison to 24/7, a part of " Mamba Mentality " Kobe Bryant- 24/8 exceeding the norm of putting in your hours of hard work.
Example: I've been practicing & focusing on my game 24/8 (instead of 24/7)
by BrandoBLAKRz January 29, 2020
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1.) To put more work than your competitors
2.) To strive for greatness
3.) To demonstrate unbelievable amount of endurance or tolerance for pain
I'm on their necks 24/8
by Fresh Pepper January 29, 2020
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Basketball fan “You know what day it is”

Kobe fan “it’s National Kobe Bryant day
Basketball fan “ 8/24!!!!”
by ThatTylerB55 January 27, 2020
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8/24 means August 24 National Kobe And Gianna Bryant Day. On 8/24 we honor those to legends. So on August 24 wear a Kobe jersey.
Boy#1: Hey dude it’s 8/24.

Boy#2: What’s that?
Boy#1: It’s National Kobe and Gianna Bryant Day.
by Donald Carp January 29, 2020
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