the speed of your internet, usually measured in KBps or MBps.
My internet speed is teh sux0r.
by Nick June 27, 2004
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much like DSLs, but a more general term
Damn, did you see that bitch?
Yeah, she had some hig speed internet.
by bob the duck March 25, 2004
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Internet that costs twice as much as regular speed, and yet you still have to wait an hour for those songs you want to finish downloading.
Even though we just had the house wired with wireless, high-speed internet, it is still taking an hour to download two songs.
by 2coo4skoo January 18, 2005
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dude- my internet is crap, all i get is buffering when im 'buffering'

other dude- dude, get high- speed internet, its a little extra, but now im the only one 'buffering' ;)
by eldude6969 May 27, 2009
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"The 'speed' of the Internet --- i.e., how long web-pages take to 'load' and/or respond to you mouse-clicks --- will be in direct inverse proportion to how urgently you need to view the desired material; the connection will be even slower at times there's someone else waiting for you who's also in a hurry.
My buddy needed me to hastily Google engine-bolt-torquing specs during an emergency-repair task he was struggling to get done before a downpour, but the Web was "slower dan molasses runnin' uphill in da wintertime" --- it was a classic "Murphy's Law of Internet-Speed" scenario!
by QuacksO July 28, 2018
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