Analog and Digital are intertwined these days. Digital information is represented by series of electronic 1s and 0s, so that information is most current/modern but it is also unreal or fake. Analog information is represented in many ways—sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, etc.—and is, thus, old fashioned but it is also more real/accurate. Current usage is that Digital is modern/better and Analog is older/slower/less desirable.
"You're going analog today, kids. Turn off the screens and take out some paper and pens," said the annoyed mother.
by GillianGillies July 27, 2014
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A way of representing information that uses a continuous range of values. Opposite of digital-- while a CD is digital, a tape is analog; while a computer is digital, an abacus is analog.
by LarstaiT November 7, 2003
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An emotional, empathetic person. Opposite of a digital, logical person.
She's analog, she's gonna be hit hard by the breakup.
by Steve Novotni November 25, 2003
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The act of defecating without entertaining oneself with digital devices. The use of "log" refers to the log-shaped nature of poops.
I needed to clear my head during my poop so I decided on an analog.

I just dropped an analog. It was great!
by Gazornenplat April 25, 2017
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Term used to describe something or someone that is outdated, antiquated, or just old school in a lame way. Opposite of digital, as in cool and upbeat
Man, I hate how the school still uses IE 4 on their computers. It's too damn analog
by pckl300 February 22, 2008
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Definition 1) A poop.
Definition 2) A penis.

Let's face it, most logs that come out of the anus are poop. A dick, of course, could also be an Anal Log, depending if if the owner thinks it is worthy of being called a Log.
Josh: "Someone left a huge turd in the office mens room."
Peter: "That was me. I didnt flush."
Josh: "Why????"
Peter: "I want to remind everyone that somethings are still just Analog."
by TheFlashSimiValley May 26, 2021
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Analog is a combo of both Anal and Log. It is a small diary kept by chicks who have anal sex. It keeps record of who or what was put in their ass and how it rated.
"Shara wrote another entry (pun intended) into her Analog."
by MexicanJuan August 13, 2007
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