18 definitions by Milt Alwin

A small amount that's made much of.
Come on, man, just a lousy 2 dollars is all I ask!
by Milt Alwin June 21, 2010
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1. The NFL Monday Night Football.
2. Playing quarterback in or watching Monday Night Football.
Monday night quarterbacking is the great American tradition since 1970.
by Milt Alwin February 26, 2009
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I'll try clearing history & cookies or I'll do Live Update. But, as for getting my system serviced, don't make me go there!
by Milt Alwin August 15, 2010
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1. Movie deemed too highfalutin, sophisticated or stuffy to be the right fit in drive-in theaters.
2. Wimpy cigarette lighter that won't fire in even the slightest hurricane.
I have to flick my indoor bullstuff illegally in the doorway before I can take my smoke outside.
by Milt Alwin April 24, 2009
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The back-at-cha laugh.
And so, hit-hit, guess our smackdowned little man is gonna have to find some other bag to make a livelihood from. Domineering or what. His baby, not mine!
by Milt Alwin November 1, 2011
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Dick, is "ain't" in the dictionary?

Yes, Jane, it ai.
by Milt Alwin May 10, 2009
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Deemed fast compared to China's famously higher internet speed.
Kudos to this company's China fast turnaround in my order!
by Milt Alwin May 24, 2013
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