When a group of individuals on a forum (i.e. Discord, Kiwi farms, 4chan, or any imageboard service) begin to dig up any information on a subject, whether it be a persons name, location, or anything dealing with finding something usiing the internet. Anything they find will be widely archived, documented, and shared with everyone involved, which will most likely be used as a smear campaign, a news break on any e-celeb, or anything that could possibly be used to humiliate a person, or cause any reaction for entertainment.
The He Will Not Divide Us flag takedown of early 2017 is an example of 24 hour ops.
by Dashiefan55 October 19, 2018
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The 24 hour rule states that any partially consumed liquor left over at the host's house for more than 24 hours after the end of a party becomes property of the host. The host is not required to notify the owner during this period.
"Hey man, I left some rum here last week, did you see it?"

"I drank it, 24 hour rule dude."

"Fair enough."
by Abutt June 30, 2005
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To be on the Gangsta tip 24 hours day.
"Damn son,those white boys be some 24 hour gangstas,we better not step to them."
by Rick Delicious February 9, 2007
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A sickness that occurs when you need to miss something like work or a test.
I told my boss i wouldn't be in today because i have a bad case of "24 hour ebola"
by Vegas March 24, 2003
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When a person stays roughly 24 hours in a closed establishment, usually recording the event, trying not to be caught doing so by staff, guards, or cameras.
"You wanna go do the 24 hour challenge?" "Nah bro too risky"
by RandomLesbian133 December 6, 2016
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Someone that’s there no matter what thru thick and then and you can count on them
Wish I had someone that’s my 24 hour person
by Kj.uwu December 16, 2021
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When you wear your work clothes, going out clothes, or any clothes you wore during the day, to bed. Often happens to adults with multiple children due to lack of sleep and laziness. 24 hour outfit may also happen to people that are drunk or don't care.
Jim: Wake up honey
Nancy: Aghh i'm so tired
Jim: Hey, why are you still wearing your suit from work?
Nancy: Must have been a 24 hour outfit

Daughter: Daddy
Dad: Yes?
Daughter: Are you going to bed
Dad: Yeah, I am. Why?
Daughter: Because your not wearing your pajamas, your wearing your jeans and t-shirt!
Dad: Yep. It's a 24 hour outfit.
by funnywithfreckles June 25, 2009
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