Alright, or aiight. Originated in Philly.
"Yo hmu at Mills."
"ai where you at"
by gregxx December 20, 2014
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1. The original Chinese character for love. In "ai" there is also the Chinese character for "heart" because you love with your heart.

2. The Japanese word for love, borrowed from the Chinese, it is the same character and meaning.
1. "Wo ai ni" (I love you)Chinese

2. "Aishiteru" (I love you)Japanese
by Angee August 29, 2004
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Commonly used in Australia. It is usually tacked on to the end of sentences to finalize what you are saying to someone. It is often used for no reason at all. It's apparently more commonly used by Queenslanders.

Pronounced like Ay or simply the letter A.
Aussie 1: Throw us a beer mate?
Aussie 2: No worries ai!

Aussie 1: Did you watch Bathurst this weekend?
Aussie 2: Yeah Whincup is fucking good ai!
by beansyy July 07, 2013
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Both in Japanese and Chinese, ai means Love.
Pronouce as "I".

In English, people may be calling oneself "Love" by saying I (ai). Let's return to Christian spirit.

I(ai) love you, may mean Love loves you.
by ramunenakayama December 02, 2007
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lonely bitch, funny, pretty, sweet and amazing kisser but always with a broken heart.
by Ahahahah May 31, 2020
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1. The word (Juelz Santana, member of The Diplomats, is shouting out all the time. He thinks it's important you spell it "ai" and not ey, ay or something.
The word itself doesn't mean a shit, its just cool to shout.

2. The chinese and japanese word, and sign, for love.

3. The initials of Allen Iverson, top basketballplayer.

4. A movie about a robot made by Steven Spielberg (the book was better!!!!!!!!!!)
1. "Still listen to gangsta music AI!
how them gangstas do it AI!
Shorty came to do it AI!
I bang with the five AI!
I see hate in ya eyes AI!
You waiting to die AI! AI! AI! AI!
I pray for you guys, hate to keep waisting your lives
Love to keep bakin new pies, strapin the scrapes off the side" (more gangstamusic - cam'ron)

2. I ai NY (I heart NY)

3. you like MJ huh? AI is way better.

4. AI is a crappy movie, don't you think?
by Antwart Schweimer December 20, 2005
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(formally known as yutazen)
literally the most loyal and loving but most terrifying fandom in ncity.. these baddies will stop at nothing to defend the name and reputation of their king yuta,,, you don’t want to mess with an ai and you DEFINITELY DONT want to insult yuta unless you have a death wish

we don’t take shit from anybody and 99% of the time we r arguing with antis on twitter over the same shit that keeps reappearing for no reason but we won’t stop until everyone one of u stfu and gets his name out of ur mouth
“you’d better watch out for them,, they are an ai”
by aaiyutaa January 29, 2021
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