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Alright, or aiight. Originated in Philly.
"Yo hmu at Mills."
"ai where you at"
by gregxx December 20, 2014
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1. noun. It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.

When kilig, one may experience the following:

*butterflies in one's stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one's spine
*irrepressible noises from one's mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and reality

Kilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind's ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.
KILIGS much?? ^_^
by mis2n.yoo June 07, 2011
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Artificial Intellingence

The end of the fucking world.Don’t believe shit!
It is AI They here runnnnnn!
I’m back baby!
by Acsotbitches February 08, 2019
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1. The original Chinese character for love. In "ai" there is also the Chinese character for "heart" because you love with your heart.

2. The Japanese word for love, borrowed from the Chinese, it is the same character and meaning.
1. "Wo ai ni" (I love you)Chinese

2. "Aishiteru" (I love you)Japanese
by Angee August 29, 2004
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Abbreviation of Artificial Intellegence. Never correctly understood by Caboose (from Red vs. Blue)
"A...I...What does the A stand for?"
"...what does the I..."
"Ooooohhh!!!What was the A again?"
-"Let's move on."
-"Shut up Caboose."
by Speaker for the Dead June 01, 2004
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The short for Artificial Intelligence, whereby computers "learn" from performing tasks and their results being classed as "good" or "bad", causing the computer or program to strive for "good" results more often.
Often improperly thought or used to mean that a computer or program has become sentient and able to think and act on its own.
The artificial intelligence in Word noticed that I was inserting a tab at the start of each paragraph, and started tabbing the paragraphs automatically when I hit return.
by Rann October 19, 2003
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The whole definition which carries all you want to know about a sexy, good-looking, loving and caring significant others. Both male and female can be called Ai. In the Japanese language, Ai means love, affection, etc. One who bears the name of "Ai" is truly a splendid person. Never let him/her go or you will regret it later.

Besides as a name, Ai could be treated as a noun to person, animal, or even things who really treats you well or simply really helps you and cares about you a lot in your daily lives.

People hardly differs Ai in this terms and A.I. which means Artificial Intelligence. Make sure you use this word wisely since you might upset your partner.
Type 1: Ai as name: You act like your name Ai.
Type 2: Ai as a noun: I'm sorry if this confuses you a little, but you are really an Ai GF, love you so much.
by Ritterbruder October 11, 2019
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