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1. The original Chinese character for love. In "ai" there is also the Chinese character for "heart" because you love with your heart.

2. The Japanese word for love, borrowed from the Chinese, it is the same character and meaning.
1. "Wo ai ni" (I love you)Chinese

2. "Aishiteru" (I love you)Japanese
by Angee August 29, 2004
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Abbreviation of Artificial Intellegence. Never correctly understood by Caboose (from Red vs. Blue)
"A...I...What does the A stand for?"
"...what does the I..."
"Ooooohhh!!!What was the A again?"
-"Let's move on."
-"Shut up Caboose."
by Speaker for the Dead June 01, 2004
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The short for Artificial Intelligence, whereby computers "learn" from performing tasks and their results being classed as "good" or "bad", causing the computer or program to strive for "good" results more often.
Often improperly thought or used to mean that a computer or program has become sentient and able to think and act on its own.
The artificial intelligence in Word noticed that I was inserting a tab at the start of each paragraph, and started tabbing the paragraphs automatically when I hit return.
by Rann October 19, 2003
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Artificial Intelligence

Something to describe the intelligence of a computer-controlled charecter - ally or enemy - mostly used in games
Nerd: Wow, those boss' AI from that game was soooo low, I couldn't even get a proper challenge!
by LightSpawn February 28, 2010
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A.I. are the initials and nickname of professional basketball player Allen Iverson. AI plays for the denver nuggets, and he and Melo (Carmelo Anthony) are the team's best players.
A.I. is a better SG than PG.
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
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1. The word (Juelz Santana, member of The Diplomats, is shouting out all the time. He thinks it's important you spell it "ai" and not ey, ay or something.
The word itself doesn't mean a shit, its just cool to shout.

2. The chinese and japanese word, and sign, for love.

3. The initials of Allen Iverson, top basketballplayer.

4. A movie about a robot made by Steven Spielberg (the book was better!!!!!!!!!!)
1. "Still listen to gangsta music AI!
how them gangstas do it AI!
Shorty came to do it AI!
I bang with the five AI!
I see hate in ya eyes AI!
You waiting to die AI! AI! AI! AI!
I pray for you guys, hate to keep waisting your lives
Love to keep bakin new pies, strapin the scrapes off the side" (more gangstamusic - cam'ron)

2. I ai NY (I heart NY)

3. you like MJ huh? AI is way better.

4. AI is a crappy movie, don't you think?
by Antwart Schweimer December 20, 2005
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