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A person who believes that "time" is a physical entity, in contrast to the scientifically accepted thesis that "time" is merely an abstract idea describing sequences of physical events.
"Wow, she is such a nice girl, such a pity she is a timer"
by Capitan Future March 17, 2017
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A function long since lost in the world of Myspace. Many cameras come with it, though not so many are intelligent enough to use it.
Well, the timer function of this camera is sooo hard to use, so I'll liek.. go to the bathroom and take pictures of the mirror.
by NoMaD April 25, 2006
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A bag of pot bought for $10. Around the amount used to roll a single blunt.
"Dude I bought a fat timer from her last night!"
by Yo Melissa Ho October 27, 2005
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