Popular Football program that made its first broadcast on September 21st, 1970 on ABC. Shows a regular season matchup game each week until the playoffs, begenning at 8 o'clock. Begenning in the 2006 NFL season ABC will no longer broadcast Monday Night Football, but instead ESPN will air it.

It's theme song, "Heavy Action" was originally intended for the BBC show Superstars.
Monday Night Football is on, bring in the bud already!
by Steagles June 5, 2006
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1. Similar to "Netflix and chill" but with Monday Night Football and not a thot. She knows that there are scheduled breaks for things like halftime and quarter changes, so she understands that the "chill" is implied to happen during those times.

2. Actually watching MNF whilst chilling... less preferable, but still potential for a great experience setting the groundwork for another Monday Night Football and chill, or perhaps even a Netflix and chill session.
Him: Hey, what're you doing tonight? Wanna come through for some Monday Night Football and chill?

Her: Sounds good, I heard it's another double header too!

Him: You don't say... I guess that just provides more opportunity for the chill doesn't it?
Her: Yep, see you around 650 so we can get settled before the first game starts
by RokOutKokOut September 16, 2015
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