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Sixties rock band from England. The most influential and successful music act in history. The Beatles hold the record for the most records ever sold, with 1 billion discs and counting.
by Michelle January 23, 2005
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A little insect that rocks (beetle+beat -> beatle)
The Beatles will not be reformed as long as John and me would be dead - Mystic Harrison ...
by cytr0n July 08, 2009
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The best band in history! A few songs:
Yesterday, Help, Yes it is, Norwegian Wood, Nowhere Man, Girl, I am the Walrus, and Yellow Submarine.

Yay for the Beatles!
by RebeccaCS November 28, 2005
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The greatest band ever to exist on Earth. A 60's English group that defined music for the rest of the world. They were unique, original, phenomenal, and produced music liker none other.
by isrib May 20, 2006
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one of the first reallyREALLY big bands. psychotically popular in their day and still really really popular now only two are now alive paul and ringo they made millions and sold billions of cd's. They were really really influential and the best band ever their music will always b a classic
person 1: oh isnt that paul mcartney
Perosn 2: OMFG OMEGA no way i love the beatles paul paul i love u can i have ur autograph
by kellsbells125 February 22, 2005
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World's best band. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr-the quartet who through their music changed the world! John founded the first line up in 1957; Ringo joined in August of 1962 and the band broke up in 1970. They had many hits; several movies (A Hard Day's Night, 1964, Help! 1965, Yellow Submarine, 1968 and Let it Be 1970). Each Beatle has had a successful solo career. John Lennon was shot to death on December 8, 1980. George Harrison died from cancer on November 29, 2001.
The Beatles rule and will continue to influence all phases of culture and all artistic expressions. The Beatles rule!Ain't NOBODY could touch them! Only a fool would think anybody could EVER top the Beatles!
by Lil Ringo November 06, 2007
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