When four men stand shoulder to shoulder, hold a woman so she is horizontal and facing them, and they all proceed to fuck her. One man gets head, one man titty fucks her, one man goes in the front, and the final man arches his penis into her ass. Two important rules of the Mount Rushmore are to hold her like a praying mantis so she is at cock level and the second is to portray a serious look on all of your faces.
My buddy Skeeter and I were just finishing porkin' Charlotte, Eiffel Tower style, in a port-o-john, when our friends Leeroy and Lucifer, feeling left out, knocked on the door and demanded some pussy. Feeling compassionate we exited the port-o-john, skulked behind some bushes, and proceeded to give Charlotte a Mount Rushmore. Damn, what a whore...
by Kittyburner506 June 19, 2010
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One person plants their bare ass on another person's face. The nose usually inserts the anus and a simultaneous fart ensues.
A bitter taste was left with Brad after Seth gave him a Mount Rushmore.
by Micah April 23, 2005
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After getting blown by four women kneeling directly in front of you, you goop across their faces. The result: four grumpy faces, all stuck together.

Bonus points for actually "Rushmoring" the four living ex-presidents.
Because Ginger was not with the band anymore, I was only able to give the Spice Girls a Mount Rushmore.
by Skittles September 14, 2004
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Four girls on their knees in front of a guy who is ejaculating.
Man, I Mount Rushmored my neighbors last night!
by nglshmn1023 February 25, 2012
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Defecating on the back of your partner's head while she's asleep, and molding the poo into a face with your hard cock
Guy 1: After Diana fell asleep last night I gave her a Reverse Mount Rushmore.
Guy 2: Did she like it?
by redexplosion November 6, 2008
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When a guy has no muscles and a skinny body but has an attractive face. All face no body.
Karen’s boyfriend Mike is a total Mount Rushmore”
by Caligal2021 August 19, 2021
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