What you do when you want to see if the girl walking ahead of you is hot. Your friend runs forward to get past the girl, then you call out his name. When he turns around, he can get a good look at the girl and then pass judgement.
Guy 1: Yo you think that girl right there is hot? I can't really tell from behind.
Guy 2: Alright, let's run the turnaround
by Vixenbergen2 April 9, 2010
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1. An economist or investor who claims to know when the stock market has "bottomed out" based on inside information or a unique set of obscure metrics. 2. Someone who tells you to "get back in the market" because the turnaround has begun. 3. A charlatan.
Ted says we should start buying stock again because the semi-conductor market is firming up in Taiwan. He's one of those Turnaround Tipsters on CNBC.
by Peter Kobs March 10, 2009
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When a woman is riding a double ended dildo with the other end in a dude's ass, all while giving him a reacharound. When he's about to pop, he spins around and blasts love graffiti all over her Rocky Mountains.
After giving Randy a thorough Jersey Foghorn, Melissa applied the Colorado Turnaround and relished in the results.
by Pumpkinhead_j June 7, 2005
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"You don't have any speckled birds, do you? You know, L.A. turnarounds, uppers?"
-Tom Frank, in Nashville
by John Triton March 24, 2008
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When a chick looks amazing from behind, only to turn around and face you with an old and/or ugly mug.
"She looked so hot, little did I know she was a Turnaround Hound. What the fuck was I looking at?"
by BoeJundy October 26, 2018
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Where a man comes behind you, injects you with mercury from a broken thermometer, then when you turn around in utter shock, he punches you in the face, and runs.
Dude yesterday this guy pulled a Cleveland Turnaround on some guy, what a Lebrono.

Woah you perfected your Cleveland Turnaround.
by taketheterran December 18, 2010
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When driving down a boulevard, and you want to turn left at an intersection, you have to go past the intersection, do a U-turn, go back and turn right. These are especially popular along boulevards in Michigan.
Too many idiots pulled out in front of traffic and caused accidents, so no you have to pull a Michigan Turnaround.
by ChrisS. March 21, 2011
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