105 definitions by Mike Hunt

a smelly homeless person (usually black) who has reached the point of retardation, hence the phonetic relationship between recharded and retarded. His life consists only of asking girls on the street if he can give them dog in the bathtubs.
That chardy tried to put a dog in my sisters bathtub, he smelled like a rotting fetus too
by Mike Hunt January 06, 2005
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malcom x was a tenacious fighter for human rights. he fought for the rights of colored folk alike. he sure paved the way for the dark skins.
thanks malcom x, for bailing my ass outta prison after that salad tossing episode in the back of your moms expedition with my skirt on
by Mike Hunt February 21, 2005
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It has no meaning, it just sounds ever so Nazi-like and evil
Ooh shnit-me shmytin Lakal
by Mike Hunt February 03, 2004
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When a male erection is inserted into a vacuum or spa jet, and becomes stuck in the hole.
Mike Fischer gets love pumps daily, that’s like the 5th time today.
by Mike Hunt May 20, 2004
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The act of making every detail of your existence known to the entire internet via AIM 'away messages'
I almost forgot to megaho about how I'm about to go get a shirt out of my closet and how inconvenient that will be.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
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1 One who regurgitates on their own leg and keeps at least 500 pounds of debris in their car.
Megaho can use some of the trash from her car to clean the puke off of her leg.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
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