103 definitions by Mike Hunt

A person who generaly is not smart. This person cannot realize the obvious and is oblivious to reality.
Stop reading this dictionary you stupid dillweed.
by Mike Hunt January 18, 2005
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a gay piece of shit who doesn't understand that sometimes war is the only way.
Hey look at that antiwar protestor over there.
by Mike Hunt December 17, 2003
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slang for the method of growing sleeping quarters for a baby that is due in nine months time.
Don't buy that bed I'll grocott
by Mike Hunt March 7, 2005
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drew is a kiwi, josh's mom is a kiwi
by Mike Hunt September 29, 2003
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blonde, muscular, 18 and the best friend in the world cos hes a millionaire.
tutton boy
tuttons bike
by Mike Hunt January 23, 2005
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to take a crap in the water tank of a toilet so that when it is flushed next time dirty water runs down into the bowl. almost impossible to clean out if one doing the high topping has the runs.
Man, I went over to my ex's house and left a high topper in her bathroom.
by Mike Hunt March 5, 2004
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