Alison's are gods who don't realize how precious they are, and always underestimate themselves. They hide they're true beauty and talents for the one that they fall in love with, although shes always beautiful she tries to keep it to herself and reserve herself for the one. Shes had her trust broken before and won't bring her wonders out until she has full trust within you. Can be a real goddess in bed, (only to the people she feels that deserves to feel her magic). If you mess with her heart you will regret it forever. She has high standards and doesn't put up with fakes or lies, Alison sees right through them. She loves to have a good time. She treats everyones problems as if they were her own, if you come to her for advice shes tries everything she can to solve them. She loves to help everyone and cares for people even more than she cares for herself. She's a sweatheart who can be sensitive at times where she feels helpless. When Alison's at her best she is so incredibly fun and fearless. They're mysterious and have alot more on their minds than you think they do. She's the best friend you will ever have she puts everyone before herself and always understands everyones problems no matter how strange they can be. Take care of your Alison's because she a delicate flower full of undeniable beauty, love, care, passion and sympathy. Shes got your back even if it means making herself look like a fool she'll always be there for you.
"Shes got the light of love and far from the average girl, who is she and where did she come from?"

"Thats Alison and you'll have to get to know her & the answer will come to you."
by MaxxxD September 4, 2011
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She is one person you can always trust no matter what happens in life. She is very supportive of other people. Also Alison is very inspiring,she goes for her dreams and she also wants to make others happy. She can make you smile at anytime ,she will listen to your problems and will always be there for you. She is a cool person to talk to and an amazing person to just be best friends! She is such a great person so don't miss out :)
by thegreeky5nni August 6, 2016
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She is the most beautiful girl. She doesn't think so, but she is. Usually has that mild "punk/emo/scene" look going on that she totally rocks. She has the most beautiful eyes that light up an entire room. She is the perfect best friend/ girlfriend material. Alison is perfect.
Girl 1: "wow. Look at Alison! Emo freak!"
Girl 2: "Shut up! Alison is a better person that you could ever be! And she is my best friend!"
by An anonymous guest November 30, 2014
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Cutest girl on earth and you always want to stay with her. You want to save her someday and show you like her but you just can't.
William: Do you know Alison? She is So CUTE!!!
Max: I know right? She is awesome! I always want to be with her.
William: She is so cute and I think she likes me!
Max: No fair!
by 6B AWESOMENESS December 20, 2017
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A great lady with a great personality. She is a beautiful girl with a great singing voice. She has so much talent and confidence. She would make a great girlfriend and is a boss ass bitch to all bullies.
Your sooo Alison!
by Urban dictionary xoxo January 17, 2018
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Alison is a girl with morals and is a great remodel. She's the girl that your parents can safely say they're glad you found. She sometimes keeps to herself and sticks to her own good judgement because she doesn't want to get hurt. She shares her joy and kindness to the world but hides her tears. She's the kind of girl that makes you feel good about yourself and never brings anyone down. She's nice to everyone and makes your heart skip a beat when you see her. Her kisses always bring you happiness regardless of how your feeling. She's someone who your constantly thinking about and brings a smile to your face just by the thought of her. She's absolutely beautiful in every way. If you manage to be her man your a very lucky guy. Get to know her she brings out the best in everyone and always has a helping hand. Usually has only a few close friends although she's sweet and respects everyone she's afraid to get overly involved and can have trust issues.
Guy 1 : "I'm so ticked off right now, I wish I had someone to talk to and truly love that I can trust."

Guy # 2: "It seems to me like you need to find an Alison."
by MaxxxD October 4, 2011
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If you have an Alison as a best friend you are lucky. They are the funniest, most athletic, gorgeous person you will ever meet. You will be able to tell them every thing without worrying and them telling anyone. They will have your back no matter what happens between you. Alison's are especially good at sports. They can Basicly do anything that they try. If you have an Allison as your bestfriend your are lucky
Alison stayed all night when I cried
by 20basketball December 18, 2014
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