79 definition by Marcus

not smart, act of stupidity
you very kum lan leh, so easy also dunno.
by Marcus October 19, 2004

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Making something more accessible to noobs IE making something easier.
Shit this game is hard. Needs more noobrication.
by Marcus October 03, 2004

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Best pussy eatin in a lifetime.
Yummm. That was good eatin.
That was koochielicious.
by marcus February 18, 2003

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Also known as "asshole aflame".
I shouldn't have had eight beers and four bags of peanuts at the game last night because now I have asshole aflame.
by Marcus March 08, 2005

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a person that fucks everything up
words and phrases commonly fucked up holla fitycent whats up and there response is good straight up ridiculously stupid people
by marcus January 19, 2005

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Beautiful beyond words.
Everything to do with her is beautiful
Krystle is Gidge
by Marcus June 06, 2004

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n. Floozer
A derogative term which holds origin in University settings, particularly among engineers, to describe a person.
Generally used as a contraction to omit the word "fuck" in inappropriate settings. "You mean he's NOT going to do the keg stand? What a floozer.
by Marcus November 24, 2004

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