80 definitions by Marcus

A skank, but smaller. Generally, skankies are under (or appear to be under) the age of 16. They are well known for short skirts, Ugg boots, and obscene amounts of liberally applied facial makeup.
"Dude, I went to the Commons last night...skankies everywhere!"

"Yeah, Martin's sister is such a skankie. I swear I saw her ass popping out of that skirt. It was gross."
by Marcus July 18, 2006
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Making something more accessible to noobs IE making something easier.
Shit this game is hard. Needs more noobrication.
by Marcus October 03, 2004
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not smart, act of stupidity
you very kum lan leh, so easy also dunno.
by Marcus October 19, 2004
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Best pussy eatin in a lifetime.
Yummm. That was good eatin.
That was koochielicious.
by marcus February 18, 2003
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Also known as "asshole aflame".
I shouldn't have had eight beers and four bags of peanuts at the game last night because now I have asshole aflame.
by Marcus March 08, 2005
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a person that fucks everything up
words and phrases commonly fucked up holla fitycent whats up and there response is good straight up ridiculously stupid people
by marcus January 19, 2005
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For sure you have a lot of girls that love you
Man did you see all thouse girls huggin me iwas pimpin fo shimpin
by Marcus June 05, 2004
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