alternate pronunciation for before
similar to "fo" (for)
person1: mane get de fuck outta hea befo i beatcho ass
person2: ill beatcho ass right now square the fuck nigga!
by bloowh December 6, 2022
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Slang for "before," basically the same with the "r" remaining unpronounced
by Llama September 28, 2004
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Canada's unofficial national breed of cattle. Unofficially.

Distinguished by their short or nonexistant ears and sometimes shorter tails that are part of their winter hardiness. Helpful in cold Canadian winters.
"That cow has no ears! What breed is she?"
"She's a Befoe."
by Eareigna February 25, 2014
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the one and only steadfast rule when you have to make a decision beween a woman and you boyz. Can be used to get out of a sticky situation with an ugly woman. The only rule more strict than bros before hoes is self-first
Baby, I'd love to kick it with ya, but you know, bros befo hoes


Man, yous a punk, you know the rule, bros befo hoes, now come on!
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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The original form of the expression "check yourself before you wreck yourself". It simply means that before doing something that could have negative consequences you should always masturbate.
LaBonaynayshaquiartisha: I'ma knife that manstealin ho LaFoundaquisha right in her damb ovary!
Mayonnaise: Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllll, you need to touch yo'self befo' you fuck yo'self!
by KKK Here to Stay! May 5, 2011
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It is more then the word on god and less it’s more then life it’s whatever you want it to mean.
On Befo Shmefo I didn’t take your lunch money

People who use Befo Shmefo correctly have huge shlongs
by p and q May 16, 2022
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