1) To put an end to someone's activities or plans.
2) Used to negate either the (homo)sexual connotation of a comment or gesture, or if some unintelligent/ignorant remark or gesture has been made. Another word is pause.
3) When a conversation is deliberately going nowhere or downhill (and it's pissing you off).
1) As much as I don't want to, I'm going to have to pull the plug on me visiting coming over.

2) *Me scrolling through your Facebook feed and coming across a video of a big buff guy licking a Popsicle like a dick*

Me: "...PULL THE PLUG!!"

2 again) Person: One Direction is better than The Beatles!

Me: "Pull the plug!"

3) *Me talking to somebody on OKCupid (actual conversation)*

Me: "Hey good afternoon! How are you"

Person: "Fine."

Me: (uhhh okay? I'm good too, thanks for asking) "That's good :) What are you doing?"

Person: "Nm chillin."

Me: (really, are you serious?? last chance..) "I'm over here at the library trying to write this paper on an empty stomach. This weather is quite taxing!!"

Person: "Cool"

Me: ( (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ THAT'S IT, PULL THE PLUG!!!) *Deletes conversation, blocks user, becomes a millionaire*
by jontaylors#1fan! April 15, 2015
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Can be abbreviated to PTP.

Literally means someone who pulls the ethernet cable out of their computer during a game. This is typically done when the plug puller is losing the game and wants to quit, but does not want to be blacklisted. The purpose is to put forward a pretense that they lagged out and did not quit.

Plug pullers often have the mistaken belief that other players will actually think they lagged out, when in actual fact it provides more incentive to blacklist the perpetrator because it means that others must wait 60-70 seconds rather than have it over quickly.

Player1 has left the game

Player2 (All): HAHA pull the plug!
Player3 (All): Goddamn, not another plug puller, why don't they just quit outright?!
Player2 (All): ...remake
by onebutters September 26, 2006
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Someone who says that they are going to do something, and on the same day, they decide agianst this.

The reason given is usually not a true one, in order to cover their back.
Someone is going out with his friends, then 15 minutes before meeting up, he/she decides that they are not going to go as they have been asked not to or they can't be bothered etc so they tell everyone that they are going to 'pull the plug'.

If they tell the truth as to why they are not going then this is fine. If they do not tell the truth or more than three people find it questionable as to the reason for them pulling the plug then it will be deemed that the said person has in fact pulled the plug
by A none plug puller April 5, 2010
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Ending a relationship by violently yanking a butt plug out without warning. Sometimes backfires.
Pixie had to pull the plug on her new guy. Turns out he's into that though.
by Pookie McNoodles November 27, 2019
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removing a tampon and banging a chick during her monthly visit
"i had a long day at work yesterday, adn when i got home i just said screw it and pulled the plug"
by the world's greatest May 2, 2005
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Brother of Breaking the Seal
The first dump you take after getting a stomach bug, after which you can't stop shitting.
"Sorry I can't hang out tonight, I just pulled the plug and- oh god I gotta go!!!"

"It was eight hours after pulling the plug and I was still shitting!"
by Cassandra Sherlock February 4, 2008
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Turning your PS2 off or pulling the ethernet cord out when you getting destroyed in Madden Online against me.

Also known as a puller
"The loser VickisGod3 is the master of pulling the plug, he pulls when he goes down 14."
by William Chan January 9, 2004
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