refers to the time 11:11 am or pm. time to make a wish!
by Helena April 2, 2005
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It’ s me again… it was your Birthday! And what happened… denial again… this time didn’t hurt so bad… and i guess time has come… for us to say goodbye… i just can’t go on like this anymore… I only suffer and I don’t want to suffer anymore… i realise that my problem is when I love, I love too much … and don’t get anything in return… Maybe God will send me my soulmate , maybe not… I don’t know what are his plans…
1111 so I Wish you all the happiness in the world!!! And please leave me alone… don’t long for me… live your life and be happy!
by You’re the reason June 12, 2023
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I didn’t write quite a long time… I just want to say that I still love you…. I tried even to let other guys near just to forget you… but it doesn’t work… you’re always here… I don’t know will I ever be able to live my life without you… Well, I live,and I feel much better than before, but there is always something missing…. You! Probably we still have so much work to do in our lives…to Grow… to work on ourselves… and then Maybe God will decide to arange us to meet again…
1111I miss you! I don’t even understand how can it be… I know nothing about you! How can I love you this much! Sometimes it is very hard… Well you know… you feel when I cry!!!But life goes on… I have to learn to live like this…Well, my beautiful B.S. I hope one day you’ll fight all of you fears and find me… Take care of you!Sending you my love!
Forever in my heart!
Yours, JN
by You’re the reason June 7, 2023
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-.... -.... -....
1111 .... .. -. -
by February 4, 2022
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Mu mu you know who , is time for me and you to make mu.
There is not time like no time right now no time.
1111My life is changing eu ,maybe I see you in no time, for you see my eye are filled with sadness.

Cause eu I would bring you joy , and see you smile.when I see you around I'll be sad and not stare into the love of your hopeless eyes I can't embrace.

All those changes I have to face and accept and man up to the fact that I could never be ,not because of anything your doing is your life , that's my problem is not mine is yours ,the shadows is my only embrace.where silence is my my true love for letting you shine is all I love.

I never really understand what I miss about you but I guess seeing smile was truly something out of this world.thas my problem I feel so close to the starts , seeing you smile make me travel there to that place where I can't reach .and that's the sadness you see in my eye when I smile and laugh and joke and make fool out myself , hold back tear because of your smile , that shine so bright in the darkest places of my heart.
by Travelers September 19, 2022
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"Love is like an aeroplane
You jump and then you pray
The lucky ones remain
In the clouds for days"
by Ghost.1 May 21, 2022
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So lovely…
Am I dreaming…❤️
So amazing…
My eyes well up
I love you…
I love all you do…
The wish?
1111… you know…♾️
by Wanderlust_721 September 2, 2023
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