So Lovely...
Am I dreaming...❤️
So amazing...
My eyes well up...
I Love you...
I Love all you do...
the wish...? know...♾
by Wanderlust_721 July 29, 2022
I know it's complicated

I would never ask you to choose

It is so clear to me that we are twin souls

I felt it , saw the similarities, the first time I saw you
I'm sure there are differences but I think God called us together to help each other grow strengthen our weaknesses

I've been reading about twin flames/souls

It is said there is a higher purpose for twin flames reuniting
You are already a leader with a lot of influence

I am a philanthropist at the core, just like You
I am a conservationist at my core, just like You
I am a Traveler at my core...just like You 🌎
I know we can help so many together
But there is another reason God has brought you to me
You don't need me for your philanthropy

I don't know His bigger goal, but...
...I trust Him
...I trust You
And, I love you ❤️

Whatever your decision

Know that You have someone for eternity who cares about you very much

And wants nothing more than to see You
...Full of Joy and Laughter
...Surrounded by pure love

If you choose to bring me into your world
...which is very different from mine
I trust that You will never ask me to do anything I'm not ready for

I trust in Your Guidance
...Your Faith in me
You have already helped me Grow
...and lessen my weaknesses

I Trust in Your love...
1111...para mí 🤍☯️
by Wanderlust_127 November 10, 2022
Open the night for me
And come and see
How I can love you...Eternally

Heal me (from) the shadow when I walk
That runs if you are not (here)
I don't need sleeping pills...
If you are (here) with me
All (my) dreams bloom...
When you whisper in my ear

No necesito millones

Ni acorralar los corazones
Y sólo en tu cafetera
Todo el cielo enamorado se cuela 🌹✨
1111...All of heaven has called me to love you ✨🌹
by Wanderlust_127 November 8, 2022
refers to the time 11:11 am or pm. time to make a wish!
by Helena April 2, 2005
1111 please call me, come to see me! I need you!
by October 31, 2022
Mu mu you know who , is time for me and you to make mu.
There is not time like no time right now no time.
1111My life is changing eu ,maybe I see you in no time, for you see my eye are filled with sadness.

Cause eu I would bring you joy , and see you smile.when I see you around I'll be sad and not stare into the love of your hopeless eyes I can't embrace.

All those changes I have to face and accept and man up to the fact that I could never be ,not because of anything your doing is your life , that's my problem is not mine is yours ,the shadows is my only embrace.where silence is my my true love for letting you shine is all I love.

I never really understand what I miss about you but I guess seeing smile was truly something out of this world.thas my problem I feel so close to the starts , seeing you smile make me travel there to that place where I can't reach .and that's the sadness you see in my eye when I smile and laugh and joke and make fool out myself , hold back tear because of your smile , that shine so bright in the darkest places of my heart.
by Travelers September 19, 2022
-.... -.... -....
1111 .... .. -. -
by February 4, 2022