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to relax, smoke a blunt personal time to get ya mind rite ya herd
by Marcus March 09, 2004
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short for lan lan in Hokkien, as in you can do nothing about the situation
john didn't get to ask the girl to a hotel, so he LL has to masturbate himself for the night.
by Marcus October 19, 2004
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a large piece of shit used to insult someone or as a friendly way of saying your my friend
also used as a redneck word
Owen you lunker you
by Marcus December 21, 2003
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(n.) feces deposited onto the ground by bovine animals. Also known as "cow flop". In a dried state, meadow muffins become "cow chips" which can be used as fuel or in throwing contests.
"I was hunting quail but slipped on a meadow muffin, causing my shotgun to discharge."
by Marcus April 09, 2004
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hokkien way of complimenting a foxy woman who is over 30 yrs old
look at that lao chio! dunno if she need a toyboy.
by Marcus October 20, 2004
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