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a town of about 3700 that is located 10 miles south of Nebraska's geographic center. Home to one of the biggest cattle feedlots in the world, that houses over 120,000 cows, hence a strong stench there.
Hi, i'm from broken bow nebraska
by Marcus January 31, 2005
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hokkien way of complimenting a foxy woman who is over 30 yrs old
look at that lao chio! dunno if she need a toyboy.
by Marcus October 20, 2004
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another word for laughter
i died of gigglement. (i died of laughter)
by marcus August 22, 2004
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1. refers to the Korea Electronics Institute.

2. used as an alternative to katie.
1. Have you applied to KETI yet?

2. Your friend Keti is kinda cute.
by marcus July 04, 2004
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Meaning. "Head Pimp In Charge" Term used in the south by the rednecks who made it up down south in mobile al.
Yo nigga back up off my hoe before I have to regulate yo ass, im the HPIC biznitch.
by Marcus December 24, 2003
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To ram your fallus into an adult picture
Yesterday I fotofucked Britney Spears, today i'm gonna do Hillary Duff.
by Marcus December 13, 2003
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Really cool, i.e. the opposite of itself, used in a similar way to wicked.

Heard on the streets of E14.
Those trainers are evil.
by Marcus May 31, 2004
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