79 definition by Marcus

A totaly awesome german speed/heavy metal band dating back to -81 with a pirate theme. Their frontman is Rock n Rolf Kasparek. They are still active.
The name "Rock n Rolfs" is so cool.
by Marcus April 25, 2005

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prison bitch, male or female; often used as a sextoy
Bubba called over his male yardbitch, wants him to bend over and grab his ankles.
by Marcus December 05, 2004

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Portuguese (from Portugal) metal band
Moonspell have kick ass concerts
by Marcus March 05, 2005

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Meaning greatness and mad chillness
the uyeno of that kid is strong...He's like the most popular kid in school.
by Marcus February 25, 2004

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Meaning. "Head Pimp In Charge" Term used in the south by the rednecks who made it up down south in mobile al.
Yo nigga back up off my hoe before I have to regulate yo ass, im the HPIC biznitch.
by Marcus December 24, 2003

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A slang term for Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner. The name comes from the fact that non-Yankees generally fans hate him. The name also refers to the fact that he runs his team like an army of evil moneyball minions, which includes Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield and many others. He receives his evil rep from his payroll being a hundred million dollars over the salary cap and only going up, with him paying outrageous salaries to make an all star team only being able to because he is willing to spend his own money paying salary cap fines.
Man, Darth Steinbrenner's evil minions got knocked out of the playoffs by a wild card for the fourth year! I guess the Red Sox are the yankees' daddy...

Did Darth Steinbrenner really manage to sign Randy Johnson? What is the world coming to?
by marcus March 28, 2005

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Beating someone up
MAn i can't let him hit me i,m gonna bloast him up
by Marcus June 05, 2004

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