A vagina that is used and abused and provides next to no pleasure for the average man.
damn, that was some loose pussy dude. I got a fucking fist in that shit.
by 666 September 7, 2003
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apparently something that does not give a man sexual pleasure because most men prefer 'tight pussies' but hey who am i to judge? :)

but one thing people should know is: when a female has a loose pussy, she is actually aroused by you and she is enjoying the sexual experience you are giving her (although, you as a man, are probably not enjoying it).

when a female has a tight pussy, that means the female is unaroused and is probably not enjoying the sexual experience you are giving her
that's right, a female develops a loose pussy when she is sexually aroused by your dumb ass . do you really want to make a woman feel bad for being sexually attracted to you? i don't think so.
by Retardeling July 14, 2016
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a vagina that is really stretched out. a loose pussy is the opposite of what most men want since you can barely feel it.
laura has a really loose pussy, she can practically get double fisted.
by yooooosuck March 29, 2008
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usually slutz have 'em after being fuked over and over fo $dough$
"her pussy was sOo loose, she musta been fukd a million times...now ima get AIDS
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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a pussy that's looser than average.
Having sex with a loose girl is so-so when you use a condom, but fucking unbelievable when you don't.
I like girls with big big titties, I like girls with loose pussy.
by Echo124 February 22, 2009
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A pussy, female genitals, that's been stretched out by childbirth or from extreme sexual activities like fisting. It's not tight anymore.
I have a loose pussy from being fisted everyday.
by Chattervine89 January 24, 2019
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Trashy 304 or second hand used women who is living in their own delusion. And their attitude always like a low value woman (lack of femininity and self boundary)

-Simliar as Fat cunt energy / Fish fillet energy
Jesus christ, she sleep around with many dudes again. She cant get over her Loose pussy energy?
by [ZXR] EkkoYuenNinja July 26, 2023
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