Smack in the middle of our great nation
Is a state that requires some explanation.
To east and west coasters who'll come right out and ask ya',
"Is there anything of interest in the State of Nebraska?"

It's true we don't have mountains all decked out in snow,
But we do have the world's biggest live chicken show.
We're the makers of Spam. We invented Kool Aid,
And this is where the first Reuben sandwich was made.

Our insect, the Honeybee. Our bird, the Meadowlark.
The strobe light, our creation, works best in the dark.
Governmentally speaking, we're a freak of nature.
Since we have the only one-house state legislature.

On Arbor Day, when you plant a tree,
Remember that it started in Nebraska City.
We were once called a desert, but that name didn't take,
Since we have the country's largest underground lake.

We have the world's largest forest, all planted by hand,
And more miles of rivers than any state in the land.
The College World Series calls Omaha "home,"
And yes, this is where the buffalo used to roam
(until we shot 'em).

We were the first state in the nation to finish our Interstate section,
And the first to run two women in the gubernatorial election
(against each other).
We invented 9-1-1 emergency communication,
And we're the number one producer of center pivot irrigation.

Our woolly mammoth fossil is the largest ever found,
And our monumental "Carhenge" is certain to abound.
We have several museums that could be called odd,
Dedicated to Chevy's, fur trading, roller skates and sod.

In Blue Hill, Nebraska, no woman wearing a hat,
Can eat onions in public. Imagine that!
We built the largest porch swing and indoor rain forest,
And anyone who visits is sure to adore us.

So pack up the kiddies, the pets and the wife,
And see why Nebraska is called "THE GOOD LIFE."
(Oh gosh -- it doesn't even once mention football?!?)
Hey, let's go visit the spam factory in Nebraska!
by JoshieK January 7, 2004
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Yes, it's actually a state, and no, we do not ride cows to school.
Nebraska- the state known for it's football, cows, and .... well, I'll be honest, that's about it.
by flipflop098 January 2, 2006
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Nebraska is the only bisexual state in the United States. It always goes both ways during election time. Nebraska is the only state that allows for a split in the electoral vote. Since 1991, two of Nebraska's five electoral votes are awarded based on the winner of the statewide election while the other three go to the highest vote-getter in each of the state's three congressional districts. This fact was later embraced by Nebraska in a tourism slogan that said, "Nebraska, We Go Both Ways."
Nebraska is bisexual. It goes both ways. It's true, I read that somewhere.
by CambridgeBayWeather November 21, 2006
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"I want your nebraska!"
"He really does nebraska me."
"Sure, I'll tell her I nebraska her, just for a little of her Ohio."
by Altoecko July 5, 2006
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Most boring place in the country. The place you drive through so you can get to Colorado
We have a 7 hour drive through nebraska where we'll see a whole lot of corn fields.
by d-man747 April 13, 2019
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nebraska is in the middle of the country and contains some of the most historical landmarks in the country...there is always someting to do unless you are someone who thinks just because they have a few fields we cant have fun, becausethey have some of the funnest things to do if you know locals.

some of the highschools are among the schools in the country with the most stds and pregnancys...lots of the people are not sheltered they just don't open up to every flippin tourist who spends one day in the state while never leaving the car.

they are the most straightforward, stubborn, and hardworking people you will EVER find and it is a beautiful place but noone who doesn't grow up there grows to appreciate it worth a darn.
Welcome to nebraska.
by madeline larie May 29, 2006
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refers to an alcoholic drink, normally a pint of beer.
"You up for a few nebraska's?"

"I fancy a nebraska!"
by Eric Wood April 23, 2005
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