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A place where you come to have waffles and to think. For you must have waffles and you must think. And to think, you must have waffles.

Warning: Do not bring your bitch to the waffle hut (or, in the TV version, your beast)
We must have waffles. We must ALL have waffles, forthwith! - Professor Goldthwaite Higginson Dorr III
by MaSh92587 August 05, 2004
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Australian Slang: A female bartender who takes her clothes off if she collects enough in tips. Common in the city of Kalgoorlie.
It’s this diverse mix of customers who have all had a beer with a skimpy that makes the Kalgoorlie skimpy scene so unique, according to Wild West Saloon Bar manager and former skimpy Nicky who first came to Kalgoorlie to work five years ago during her university holidays. - The Kalgoorlie Miner
by MaSh92587 November 11, 2009
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1. A failed tv show about a world where humans and puppets (or, fabricated Americans) live together. They even can have sex with each other.
2. A bunny in that show who befriends a character played by Seth Green (gee, i wonder why it failed)
We can sing and dance, and we don't need pants, see we're just… like… you.
by MaSh92587 August 06, 2004
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Seven minutes later than real time. A comment on how classes at Harvard start 7 minutes after they are listed (example: at 10:07 instead of at 10:00) to allow time for students who must cross the campus from one class to another.
TF: Tim, you're late for section.
Tim: But it's only 4:02? Come on, what about Harvard Time?
by MaSh92587 October 14, 2006
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Most definitions for Israeli are hateful. Most definitions for Palestine show no political bias towards one side or the other.

The sad part… world governments are like that. Israel never says bad things, but all Arabs and Christians curse us for retaliating to suicide bombs on civilian targets
-9/11 was bad, but if it happened to ISraelis i wouldn't care!
-Dude, don;t be such an ignorant skinhead!
-Oh yeah, well… Jesus loves me.
-I doubt that.
by MaSh92587 August 08, 2004
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1. A town in England mentioned in Monty Python.

2. A town in Westchester named after the town in England by founder Caleb Heathcote in 1703. It is known for 5 things:

-The "Scarsdale Diet" and the subsequent murder of the Doctor who came up w/ it.
-A place of residence for both Linda McCartney and Yoko Ono during their childhoods.
-One of top 5 schools in Westchester (w/ a 100% graduation rate into universities and colleges).
-VERY high real estate prices due to above.
-Severe marijuana and alcohol problems among most high schoolers, which led to an unfortunate Homecoming dance which was filled with pools of vomit and 5 hospitalized teens due to binge drinking before the dance.
1. -So you're wife's been around, eh? Eh? Knowwhatimean?
-Yes. She's from Scarsdale.
Monty Python.

2. We'll buy a new house… in Scarsdale!

3. If I wanted to hear childish bickering i'd visit my grandparents in Scarsdale!
–Laws of Attraction
by MaSh92587 August 10, 2004
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