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The baddest bitch alive.. Totally MF boss lady who steadily runnin shit
I wanna be a quincey when I grow up.
by Translucent ninjas July 07, 2017
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To partake in the consumption of marijuana (namely in the form of bong or pipe). Derived from "cone" which transformed into "coin" which turned into "quin" which eventually evolved into "quincey". All very loose and irrelevant connections to the original word, however this natural progression has seen quincey become a bona fide term for such an activity.
Stoner 1: "Man I had the shittest day at the office hey..."
Stoner 2: "Ohhh really, I know what you need then."
Stoner 1: "What? A gun?"
Stoner 2: "Nah mans, just a heap of quincey"
Stoner 1: "Fully man"
Stoner 2: "Sick"
by D@yne October 17, 2006
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A very hairy man usually in his late 70s. Most of the time gay and likes to have sex with younger men.
Oh my god look at that nast "Quincey" over there with that young man in the shower!
by Ballsdeep2016 November 05, 2016
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