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Small canisters of nitrous oxide that are inhaled & gives several seconds of an Intense High, like you feel you're going a million miles an hour backwards!
Doing poppers is so much fun! What a blast & excellent high!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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Amyl Nitrate or its kin. An inhalant that is sniffed and gives a short term head rush high, and also relaxes the smooth muscles of the body. Usually used by gay community and referred to as "poppers." Poppers in combination with Viagra (blue diamonds) are a lethal combination... heart failure.
bottom looking for top to use my starfish... popper friendly
by Archimedes March 24, 2004
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Amyl nitrate and related volatile solvents, usually supplied in a small brown glass bottle. Name derives from the fact that the liquid used to come in glass ampoules for medicinal use as a cyanide antidote that 'popped' when broken open. Nowadays often supplied as 'room odorisers' or 'aromas' in order to get around medicines legislation, and used almost exclusively as a recreational drug and sex aid by gay men. Not actually illegal to possess in most countries. Works by relaxing smooth muscle thereby dilating blood vessels, causing a rush of blood to the head and drop in blood pressure, resulting in an intense but short-lived high. Also relaxes the muscle of the anal sphincter, thus facilitating the entry of foreign objects, especially large penises.
Russell took a deep inhalation of poppers just before Mark shoved his 10-inch cock into his arsehole, in order to ready it for the pounding it was about to receive.
by ukfaggot April 06, 2006
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Amyl Nitrate. Refers to a small, usually brown bottle of solvents or the solvents themselves, which are sniffed, usually during homosexual sex by the bottom. Amyl Nitrate boosts blood pressure, relaxing the anus and making anal sex more comoftable. Also known as snappers.
Man, that guy uses poppers so much, i could fit my fist in his hole!
by mash92587 October 29, 2005
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taking a cut off a cigarette, putting it inside a pop piece (same as a normal piece but no bowl peice) and then stamping weed on top of it. Then smoke it with a bong but pull slowly till you've almost cleared it and then pull hard and you'll hear a "pop"
"aww man that pop gave me the biggest headrush" "yoo lets rip some poppers tonight"
by PopFiend September 25, 2011
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Less commonly referred to as a yacht, a popper is a method in smoking marijuana in which the smoker packs tobacco under his weed. Common methods of packing poppers include cutting part of a cigarette off (about a 1/4 centimeter or more) and putting it in a metal tube, known as the popper piece or popper cannon, which you will use as a replacement for your downstem. The cigarette will get stuck, then you pack however much weed you want on top of it. Another method of packing a popper is to use a normal down-stem and bowl, and squeeze the tobacco out of the end of the cigarette into your bowl, then packing the weed on top. To smoke a popper, you pull very slowly, making the smoke come out very thick. This is known as milking the smoke. Once the marijuana is almost completely burnt, you start to pull much faster, burning the rest of the marijuana, and all the tobacco, and pulling all the ash into the water. As soon as the bowl piece has no more weed or tobacco in it, you pull the bowl out and breathe in all the smoke. Some pros about smoking poppers is that you get your high almost instantly after you smoke the bowl, and the huge head rush you get, similar to taking a massive drag off of a cigarette. There are also downsides to smoking poppers, which include the terrible effect it has on your lungs after taking poppers for months and months. It also makes your bong get very dirty, covered with resin all over the inside of the glass, which is also very hard to clean.
Yo man, you down to rip some poppers?
I'm always down to take some pops man, count me in!
by poppers4lyfe June 06, 2013
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