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derogatory term for a person; short for arsehole or asshole; also used as a term of friendship
1. Jeeze, you're an annoying hole.
2. Hey hole! Do you want another beer?
by yorrick hunt January 08, 2008
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degrading term for woman. synonyms are cunt, whore, or slut.
so degrading that they are just holes to men.
Jackie was being such a hole yesterday

yo fuck u hole
by dpurp2 February 28, 2010
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woman on a radio show; adds zero value and is only there to prevent the guys on a show from having any fun
That show would be great without Terri the hole chiming in every 5 seconds with some useless garbage.
by Pancho45 February 28, 2013
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(vaginal reference)n,A way of describing a female that is particularly of little significance, or one of which that used to be of significance, but is now disliked because of some sort of falling out.

"I really used to like her, but now I think she's just a stupid hole."

"Dude I was hammered and shit myself last night, I am so embarassed.
Who cares, the only person that saw was that hole that everyone hates"

"I got some good hole last night. That snapper was a'snappin."
by DocRod February 25, 2009
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