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-Reality show hosted by African American supermodel Tyra Banks which airs on UPN where females aged 17-30 audition for a chance to be a model and get a contract with make-up company CoverGirl.

-Contestants audition throughout several cities like American Idol and based on looks and some tests like how they walk, some are selected to the show.

-Final contestants live together for a couple months and travel to places, sometimes internationally to perform model shoots which each have some special stipulation ie you have to pose with a tarantula on you, you have to pose nude.

-Each week the contestants pictures taken that week are judged and usually one person is eliminated who "doesn't seem to be model material."

-Goes by the term "cycle" instead of "season" like most TV shows.

-Previous winners so far have been...
Cycle 1:Adrienne Curry
Cycle 2:Yoanna House
Cycle 3:Eva Pigford
Cycle 4:Naima mora
Ex. Some of the judges on America's Next Top Model are even more blunt about what they think of the would-be model contestants than Simon Cowell is with singer would-bes on American Idol.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005
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-Term used by Grace's mother on the series "Will and Grace" in the episode where Grace eloped with her boyfriend.

-Means don't screw a good thing up.
Ex1: You're already the favorite for the promotion, don't cock it up by pushing your boss for more vacation time just before the promotion decision is made.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 16, 2005
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1-To believe that someone or something will come through for you especially during difficult and sad times

2-An infamous slayer character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Eliza Dushku.

-Was the next slayer in line called as Buffy had died in Season 1 of the series.

-Was a very violent, and sexual, and jealous slayer who often seemed to get sexual pleasure just from fighting.

-Hated Buffy because she felt that because Buffy already died and she was called to replace her BUT since Buffy was brought back to life by CPR, Faith was always told and always felt that there was only ONE slayer and that Buffy "stole" that specialness from her.

-Accidently killed a human guy instead of a vampire, then blamed it on Buffy.

-Tried to kill Buffy and her vampire lover Angel, but failed as Buffy stabbed her into a coma with Faith's own special dagger.

-Came out of the coma and magically switched places with Buffy and even slept with her new boyfriend, Riley Finn.

-Left for LA where she ran into Angel who helped her see the error of her ways and reformed her.

-Came back to fight Angel when he became evil Angelus.

-Went back to Sunnydale and helped Buffy and the slayer potentials defeat the crazy priest villian Caleb and close the Hell Mouth
Ex1-When things seem impossible, always remember to have faith.

Ex2-Faith ended up with former slayer, Nikki's son, Principal Robin Wood.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
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-Female vampire character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Juliet Landau

-Was a rich and quite possibly schizophrenic British girl who was to become a nun.

-Born with what is called in the Buffy World as "the sight" meaning she can see visions of the future--she even saw herself being turned into a vampire by Angel, who was also her lover.

-Pointed out to Angel by Darla as she was walking the streets with her 2 sisters.

-Became Angel's victim as he tortured and killed all her relatives and friends, which drove her insane as people already called her crazy (including her father) since she had "the sight", blamed herself for what happened to everyone she loved.

-Was changed into a vampire by Angel/Angelus upon about to enter a convent.

-Sired another Brit named William, who became to be known as Spike and became his lover for centuries.

-Came to Sunnydale with Spike to have a magical ritual performed on her to bring back the strength she lost during some attack back in Prague several decades before.

-Killed the vampire slayer, Kendra who was called after Buffy had died in Season 1, by hypnotiznig her and then slashing her throat with her nails.

-Called forth the demon The Judge as a special birthday present for Buffy.

-Her and Spike left Sunnydale following Angel's failed attempt to take over the world.

-Drusilla left Spike for a chaos demon, but then returned to Sunnydale only to find Spike in love with Buffy.

-She then disappeared from the series for a while and from then forth, only Spike returned to Sunnydale while Drusilla was sometimes featured on the spin-off Angel.

-She is led to LA by the demonic and hell-spawn lawfirm Wolfram and Hart to re-vamp and sire Darla, who was brought back as a human after Angel killed her in Buffy Season 1 and who was basically her "grandmother" in the vampire familiy (Darla-Angel-Drusilla-Spike).

-Her and Darla go on a killing spree in LA and even kill boss of Wolfram and Hart, Holland, his employees, and his wife and friends.

-Was almost burned to death by Angel when he attacked her and Darla.

-Has never appeared on Angel since, but appears to still be living as she was never killed on Buffy or Angel.
Ex: Out of the 4 vampires in the vampire family of Darla, Angel, Drusilla, and Spike--Drusilla is the only one of the 4 who has yet to be killed as a vampire in some way through out the Buffy and Angel series.

Darla-staked by Angel, brought back as human by Wolfram and Hart, killed and re-sired by Drusilla, stakes herself to save her baby

Angel-stab in the heart with a mystical sword by Buffy

Spike-sacrificed himself by wearing a mystical amulet that "only a true champion could wear" to kill all the vampires escaping the HellMouth
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005
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-Phrase meaning someone or something is good to look at it.
-Not painful to look at because its some-what decent looking and figuratively won't "blind" you if you see it.
-When used towards a person, can be applied to either male or female.
Ex. Some of the celebrities mentioned in People magazine's annual "Sexiest People" lists could also be called easy on the eyes since they're supposedly good-looking.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 24, 2005
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1)Initials of young WWE 3rd generation wrestler, Randy Keith Orton, son of wrestler Cowboy Bob Orton.

2)In relation to Randy, RKO also stands for his finishing move--the Randy Knock Out
Ex1-RKO, whose full name is Randy Keith Orton is a 3rd generation WWE star like fellow wrestler, The Rock.

Ex2-Randy returned to SmackDown by running out to the ring and giving his move the RKO to ensure the UnderTaker lost his match.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
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1-Food; bite-size dried fruit snack made by dehydrating grapes; could be purple/black or yellow depending on the color of the grape used

2-Slang; refers to a young girl's breasts, usually a female who has not yet went through puberty or a female who has small breasts
*See "South Park" episode where the guys take heart-broken and recently-dumped Kyle to a Hooters-esq club where pre-pubescent girls are waitresses and wear tight t-shirts that's called "Raisins" because of their breast size.
1-The company SunMaid is one of the world's best-selling brands of boxed raisins.

2-Why is it that fruit is often used to describe boobs? For Hooters-esq boobs, its melons and for the South Park ones its raisins.
"Hi, welcome to Raisins!"--Pre-puberty tight-shirt wearing waitress at club Raisins
by LoganLesnarMarvel June 10, 2006
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