A girl you can only dream of, she is kind, smart, and affectionate. Not only that, she also has a unique personality. She can catch any guys eye! She is not only affectionate, she is absolutely stunning, she can make anyone's jaw drop. You'd be lucky to know or be around a Sable.
Wow, did you see Sable? She is stunning!

That Sable is definitely one of a kind!
by WannaBeAPopStar June 19, 2018
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A famous wisconsin teenager, who killed a another student in a drug related dispute and described the incident as "the kansas city shuffle". His name is now synonomous with the kansas city shuffle.
You hear about schwankie? Some crips gave him the Sable. Man, he shouldn't have looked left.
by J. Raws January 9, 2009
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This blonde bombshell was a pioneer of sorts as she was the female most responsible for ushering in the explosion of "wrestling divas" into the world of professional wrestling.

Her real name is Rena Mero. She is a former WWE Women's Champion and she's been on the cover of Playboy on three occasions. She was married to Marc Mero, but they seperated in 2003. Is currently dating Brock Lesnar.

Her body is still fantastic, but she looks older facially than one would think someone who was born in 1967 would look like. Is the mother of all MILF's though not to mention Grade-A MILF material. She gives a sexy older woman vibe which some may find appealing.
Sable is oh so MILFalicious!!!
by Lord Azzington June 1, 2005
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1)-Popular 90s WWE Diva who used her husband to get her fame
-Husband got fired while she became popular for just showing off her boobs and posing in PlayBoy
-Sued WWE for "unsafe work environment" when asked to wrestle AND to strip and be in a lesbian storyline
-Then posed for PlayBoy AGAIN
-Came back in 2003 and did the same things she sued for
-Stole WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar from his fiancee and daughter and used him like she did with her husband to get famous again
-Got engaged to Brock...then dumped him cuz he had no money

2)Adjective meant to insult a dispicable person, especially a woman who use and steal men for their spouses, a slut, a bitch (derived from WWE Diva Sable)
*Example for definition #2

Geez! Could you believe her stealing Nicole's boyfriend AND sleeping with her brother at the same time?! What a SABLE!
by LoganLesnarMarvel July 12, 2005
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A contraceptive from the 1800's to early 1900's, generally made out of cotton or other soft materials.
by BAMF1020 December 11, 2010
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WWF/WWE's Sable a Real name Rena Mero entered the WWF as a valet/manager for HHH and Then left him and started working with Mark Mero

he got injured

she became a star

he got pissed

she posed for playboy

sued WWF got fired

posed for playboy again

WWF Changed its name to WWE

she came back posed for payboy again

and got fired for reasons unkown

She is really hot and i wish her the best of luck
Sable is so sexy! I wish she can suck my !@#$
by Bobby September 9, 2004
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Biggest whore in the entire world. Often used to describe road-side prostitutes looking for drugs. Can also be found lurking at golf courses looking for sex and drugs.
Whoa dude, did you see that sable on the golf cart?

Hell yeah I saw that sable. What a fucking whore.
by Mr.JonesDrewJacob February 18, 2011
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