Old tyme'y way of referring to a king or lord. Usually used now to sarcastically refer to somebody with an inflated ego.
JCB: ...maybe so, but I'm still putting my equations in the abstract paper.
Ian: Aye aye, sire.
by RoboSpy March 25, 2004
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To father a child, usually unintentionally.
"Shit, I should have wrapped it up on Spring Break... I can't believe I sired a kid!!!"
by ACNY August 23, 2006
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a gay guy that preforms masculinity / feels connected to masculinity
rex: are you fem?
pat: no i’m totally a sire!
by veehehehe October 11, 2018
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Siree is a very sweet girl, she might look shy, but once you talk with her, you won’t stop laughing. She is very well mannered, if you happen to be her friend, don’t ever let her go. She is usually very calm and reserved, she might not like to share a lot about herself, but she is always there if you need someone to listen or talk to. She will never break your trust, even if you break hers. She is not very self confident. And she is very honest, so she will tell it to you straight. ( Just a little disclaimer, my name happens to be Siree and it’s pronounced si reh, make sure to roll your r, I’m Cuban, but to you English speakers it’s pronounced Siri like on the IPhone, and yes i was born before that Siri was created) anyways this might not be totally accurate because I wrote it about myself, but thanks for reading :)
Siree can also be used to say “yes siree!” In agreement to something in a positive way.
by Siree December 1, 2021
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An amazing ( probably tall ) friend you can trust with any thing loves pizza and is beautiful
Person 1: hey wanna go get some pizza?
Person 2: ya we but have to call Sirelis or else she'll kill us.
by Petunia the unicorn September 23, 2017
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Vampire term.
One's Sire is the Vampire that turned them. A new kind of parent for them, to teach them the new ways of the world.
Can be male or female and work in the same sense as human lineage.
So the Sire of your Sire, would be your Grand-Sire.
Vampire Wannabe: That dude over there is my Sire.
Human: o.O Stop saying words....
by LJ Spring May 6, 2006
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1. an apresty of the foresty kettles, often found in the deep islands of Kaputy Chimnit.

2. A young man in the terms of foresty presence, a man with well assumptions

3. A man often viewed as beloved handsome role model;

4. Someone who uses apparant hand motions to get the point across the young chimnit Alaskan bulls.
girl: OH MY, that man from the bar last night held my hand like he was a Sires from Kentucky!


sires presented a brain accumulated question to be answered by Nebraska and Theodore.

Girl 1:Oh the kettles sure were rusty last night! Must have been that sweet hearted forest.

Girl2: yes, that man was indeed a sires.

It's the foresty you can see!
by iiiiilikerustyyspooooonsaa January 9, 2009
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