Rumor has it, this old fart singer guzzled multi loads of manjam in the 70s, thus resulting in getting said goo, pumped from his stomach.
Dude, my gay buddy Bruce apparently had to be rushed to the hospital last night after doing a Rod Stewart imitation at the gay party.
by pussysRus January 02, 2009
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Stupendously successful singer who has dabbled in different musical styles which means that everybody could find at least one song by him that they like.

Enjoys shagging leggy blondes and driving fast cars. He is both a gentleman and a joker which means that both blokes and girls like him.

It has been confirmed by several ex-girlfriends that he has a large penis.

He is very charismatic and charming so that girls fall for him even if they didn't like him before.

Possesses inexplicable ability to wear loud colours, animal prints and tartan and look good in all of them.
"If looks could kill, then one glance from Rod Stewart could impregnate you."
by Fender-Strat September 03, 2011
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Rod Stewart is a Scottish singer

he is old.. but still has some classic songs like Sailing and if you think im sexy

definetly should have retired a while ago
and definetly should be classed as a legend all over the world

always seen with a new girl every week who seem to be way to young for him

in other worlds... a very old legend
rod stewart hits:
Forever Young
if you think im sexy
by Dementia February 17, 2006
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One of THE sexiest older men that has ever roamed the earth. Although he is in his sixties he is still getting more play than most guys and still sings amazing. Rod Stewart introduced the world to some great songs like Forever Young and Tonight's The Night. Rod Stewart can always set the mood.
One day, when i'm old enough, I am going to marry Rod Stewart.
by BarbieG July 30, 2008
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A very old, decrepid man. He is often shown with women that are way too young for him.... he must pay them a lot. His voice sounds like hell and he ruins a lot of great old songs.
Rod stewart used to be cool when "If ya think i'm sexy" came out. Now he needs to take up knitting and get out of the public eye.
by BobMarley January 14, 2005
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The BEST singer in history ever! Has a lot of rumors which none of them are true! And people should not say things that they dont even know if its true they should have facts! He's sang alot of good songs! He is Scottish and he is married to Penny Lancaster and has 6 kids. He's is one of the nicest men in the world. :
"I love that song Maggie May by Rod Stewart"
by HkpRds123 June 11, 2009
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old ass, should have retired years ago singer who sounds like a cat that someone has set fire to.
Did I step on the cat?

No, Rod Stewart just came on TV.
by Dr. Chathy April 21, 2005
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