A Darla is a beautiful lady. Normally tall with dark hair, a Darla is super sexy. If you ever meet a Darla, she will be sure to make your day better. She is one of the nicest people you can ever meet, has a big heart and gives helpful advice. She loves her family and accepts everyone. If you know a Darla, you sure are lucky.
Did you see that lady over there? She gave me the best advice, she must be a Darla.
by Opal7898 February 14, 2013
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Darla is delectable. She works hard and ain't got no time for bulsh*t. She is a scrumptious shorty with brown hair and dazzling eyes. She don't know it, but she DAMN fine! ALL the boys in the room would love a moment of her time!
If I was eating the most tender steak in NY, I would call it Darla!
by vankadoebie June 22, 2010
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darla is so cutie and the best person ive ever met.

im glad i met darla

she da best.
some hoe: darlas a bitch
darla: shut ur lil dumbass up
by silohxttex March 21, 2023
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Darla is used to describe a gorgeous girl who people rarely have the luck to meet. A Darla is the prettiest girl in the room and makes everyone feel butterflies just by looking at them. She will call you out on your bs and thats how you know shes a real friend. Any guy would be lucky to find a Darla if they can keep them ofcourse
"Damnn whos that girl over there??"
"She must be a Darla bro, look at how pretty she is!"
by human3o6i36 August 7, 2022
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Darla is a sadistic vampire in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel tv shows. She is portrayed by actress Julie Benz. She was sired in the 1600’s by a well-known, old and worshiped vampire called « The Master ». At the time, Darla was a prostitute dying of syphilis. The Master gave her eternal life and turned her into a vampire. Darla appreciated being immortal. She was a particularly vicious, deadly and dangerous vampire. She was very seductive and manipulative, which came to her advantage many times. She turned Angel into a vampire and they became lovers. They had no pity for their victims and in fact took pleasure into torturing them before killing them. They befriended two other vampires called Drusilla (see my definition for her) and Spike, Drusilla’s lover and very popular character in the Buffyverse (go check out some defs for him too). So, Darla gained quite a reputation in her time as a vampire and proved to be cunning and resourceful for living that long. Before being killed by her former lover Angel on Buffy season one. However, Darla was brought back to life as a human at the end of Angel season one. That storyline was explored in Angel season two. She was part of a plan to make Angel go evil again. Then she was turned back into a vampire by Drusilla since she was dying again! Messed up, right? Then, she just started being an evil vamp again! If you wanna find out more, both shows are on Disney+, Hulu, and Youtube (gotta pay though).
Darla is a horrible person!
Well, she isn’t exactly a ~person~...
by HarryPotterBuffy February 27, 2022
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Someone who is shady as fuck. Someone who steals your awesome, mustache lighter and then wants to fight you over it. We still love Darla though because she's so Darla.
"That chick stole my awesome mustache lighter!"
"Yes, she must have been a Darla"
Why are you being so Darla?
by forgiving bartender January 24, 2014
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Darla is a Machine that was stuck in Mario's water bottle and now is playing with Cincia
Hey you are such a Darla
by anonymous hahahahaha you November 9, 2017
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