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"To railroad" means to rig a situation such that events can only play out in a particular manner, or to a particular end. When applied to a trial, it means to manipulate the judicial system such that a defendant is virtually guaranteed a conviction. The metaphor derives from the nature of a railroad track, which does not offer a train the ability to choose its path of travel.
"The lead prosecutor railroaded Eddy into a first-degree murder conviction: she relied heavily on the testimony of unqualified experts."

"If you are hosting a murder-mystery party, avoid railroading your guests into quickly solving the case. Give them freedom to pursue tangents in the storyline they find interesting."
by xopwo July 24, 2012
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1. to get someone unjustly convicted

2. force a resolution quickly

3. to coerce someone into doing something they would not otherwise do
I think he wanted to railroad congress.
by The Return of Light Joker October 17, 2008
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Literal meanings:

1. N., A roadway paved with a track made of rails, upon which locomotives push or pull a train of cars or trailers carrying people or freight.

2. Adj., Pertaining to such a roadway or the trains that travel upon it.

3. N., The industry of transporting people or freight by rail, or one or more of the companies within that industry.

4. Adj., Pertaining to that industry.

5. V., Transport upon a railroad.

Slang meanings:

1. V., to coerce, trick, or seduce others into a course of action that they would not otherwise choose. This includes, but is not limited to, specifically sexual situations.

2. N., Eleven, as if the two parallel numerals were the rails of a railroad track.
Literal: Southern Pacific (3) railroad's old (2) railroad cars can still be found along abandoned stretches of (1) railroad, because the industry can't be bothered to (5) railroad them to (4) railroad stations.


1. Popular culture isn't going to be railroaded into adopting a narrow-mindedly specific sexual situation as the definition of railroad simply because someone described his favorite life experience as an UrbanDictionary definition.

2. We use the 802-railroad-G wireless protocol. (See WAP and 802.11g.)
by Downstrike October 06, 2005
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when many boys have sex or sexual relations with one girl one after another.
Tanya was railroaded by the whole football team after we won the game.
by xfireflystarex July 24, 2005
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A very dirty,hick infested, small town next to Shrewsbury PA. This town apparently has/had a mayor. It is unknown whether the mayor is still alive. It is believed to be Capt.Bob from the local crab store.
Dude, I met this girl from Railroad!
(friend with disgusted look on face slams door and walks away)
by scary down there March 04, 2006
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To have anal sex with a woman using ribbed condoms, leaving a "railroad" track.
Becky got railroaded last night, now she hurts.
by Jebus January 21, 2005
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