A girl who is crazy and messed up, but in such an interesting way that you can dig it.
Sure, she's into floggings and all -- but she's the kind of Drusilla who William and Liam would fight over
by Anonymous November 16, 2003
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-Female vampire character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Juliet Landau

-Was a rich and quite possibly schizophrenic British girl who was to become a nun.

-Born with what is called in the Buffy World as "the sight" meaning she can see visions of the future--she even saw herself being turned into a vampire by Angel, who was also her lover.

-Pointed out to Angel by Darla as she was walking the streets with her 2 sisters.

-Became Angel's victim as he tortured and killed all her relatives and friends, which drove her insane as people already called her crazy (including her father) since she had "the sight", blamed herself for what happened to everyone she loved.

-Was changed into a vampire by Angel/Angelus upon about to enter a convent.

-Sired another Brit named William, who became to be known as Spike and became his lover for centuries.

-Came to Sunnydale with Spike to have a magical ritual performed on her to bring back the strength she lost during some attack back in Prague several decades before.

-Killed the vampire slayer, Kendra who was called after Buffy had died in Season 1, by hypnotiznig her and then slashing her throat with her nails.

-Called forth the demon The Judge as a special birthday present for Buffy.

-Her and Spike left Sunnydale following Angel's failed attempt to take over the world.

-Drusilla left Spike for a chaos demon, but then returned to Sunnydale only to find Spike in love with Buffy.

-She then disappeared from the series for a while and from then forth, only Spike returned to Sunnydale while Drusilla was sometimes featured on the spin-off Angel.

-She is led to LA by the demonic and hell-spawn lawfirm Wolfram and Hart to re-vamp and sire Darla, who was brought back as a human after Angel killed her in Buffy Season 1 and who was basically her "grandmother" in the vampire familiy (Darla-Angel-Drusilla-Spike).

-Her and Darla go on a killing spree in LA and even kill boss of Wolfram and Hart, Holland, his employees, and his wife and friends.

-Was almost burned to death by Angel when he attacked her and Darla.

-Has never appeared on Angel since, but appears to still be living as she was never killed on Buffy or Angel.
Ex: Out of the 4 vampires in the vampire family of Darla, Angel, Drusilla, and Spike--Drusilla is the only one of the 4 who has yet to be killed as a vampire in some way through out the Buffy and Angel series.

Darla-staked by Angel, brought back as human by Wolfram and Hart, killed and re-sired by Drusilla, stakes herself to save her baby

Angel-stab in the heart with a mystical sword by Buffy

Spike-sacrificed himself by wearing a mystical amulet that "only a true champion could wear" to kill all the vampires escaping the HellMouth
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005
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From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a girl who is strange, but in an oddly interesting way.
She's such a Drusilla. She's fascinated with death and destruction, but hey, she's the one that the guys have crushes on, not me.
by Lucy Moore October 11, 2004
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Drusilla is a psychotic and crazy vampire in the Buffyverse, which include the tv shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She is portrayed by Juliet Landau. Drusilla was first introduced in season two of Buffy as Spike’s lethal vampire lover who could see the future. Drusilla was Spike’s sire, which means she is the one who turned him into a vampire. Drusilla was sired by the evil vampire Angelus. Before turning her, he killed all of her family and made her watch, which is what made her go crazy. Before becoming immortal, she had plans for becoming a nun and was a very religious young woman. After being bitten by Angelus and turning Spike into a vampire, Drusilla became particularly close to three vampires just as dangerous as her; Darla (Angelus’s sire), Angelus (her sire) and Spike (the one she had sired). Together they traveled all around the world and did horrible things, such as killing and torturing people in the most terrible ways possible. Together, they spread chaos wherever they went. Drusilla has black hair, very pale skin and wears red, white or black dresses. She killed the vampire slayer Kendra Young and supported Spike in his attempts to kill vampire slayer Buffy Summers. She has the power of hypnotizing people if they look her in the eye. Drusilla is a very strong vampire and one of the deadliest ever.
Juliet Landau does such a good job as Drusilla!
by HarryPotterBuffy February 26, 2022
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