To act in an overly cautious, wussy manner.
Donald never got the nerve to talk to any of the girls in the bar. He just spent the night pussyfooting around and then went home to choke the bishop.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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Dude! It's a quarter til seven! Quit pussyfootin' and put your fucking clothes on!

<Jenny> Klassy, have you finished your homework yet?
<KlassyNig> Jen, you know I'm a professional pussyfooter... I haven't even started!
by KlassyNig April 30, 2004
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when a male puts his foot in the girls pussy and walks around the house with her until she finishes eating a potato she found under the bed.
pussyfoot is when u put ur foot in ur partners vigina
by potatoelover13267 November 15, 2017
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I had to pussyfoot back into the house b/c i was coming in past my curfew.
by Krisy June 25, 2006
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when you shove your foot into girls private
yo you're a pussyfoot
by otmmar December 15, 2017
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A very cute and suddenly fashion popular cartoon kitten from Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes.

She is a black and white kitty with big blue eyes with a cute and innocent disposition and a mild attitude problem.

In the last couple of years have often been featured on Warner Brothers' clothing from underwear to pajamas.
Even though that cartoon kitty Pussyfoot doesn't talk, she's still loveable.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
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a person who usually walks on their tip-toes
Dude, quit walking like that! Freakin pussyfoot...
by featherheadbands August 18, 2011
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