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Latin for Angel; Vampire with the "Angelic" face; Meanest vampire of all times; Soulless SOB; Cruel bastard epecialized in torture; Mastermind in the art of murder.
by Ian July 10, 2004
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The much sexier bad boy, souless vergoin of that tormented vampire with a soul, Angel. He used to star on the show Buffy or Bufy the vampire slayer as it is properly known. Most favourite quote. "I have a bit of the irish brogue, I can use it on you when I rape you to death."
"Angel is just something Angelus is forced to wear"

Ps. Angel you can rape me to death. But my friend Susan says that it's not really rape if I want it. Oh well.
by Lizi June 17, 2004
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sexy vampire without a soul ( angels dark side)

he is much sexier and hot than angel even thought they share the same looks apparently he would only have female victims which he was attractive to and he would rape them first ( yehhhhhhhhhh wooohooooo) and he is also my pimp daddy along with spike
Angelus: ohhhh well how u doin?

Me: am ok ;)

Angelus: am ure sexy pimp daddy come here baby i hate the slayer

me: ohhh shuks u bought me some xander ya shouldent have
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A cynical dragonic creature or Wyvern, from the game; Drag-on Dragoon/Drakengard. Bound to a human.
"Hold my neck tightly, we shall burn them to ash. One by one." ~ Angelus to Caim as they head into battle
by She who Writes January 13, 2005
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sword in hand fire in eyes transfers to the angel of night from greek more meaning its form of an ai bela brutie meaning the angel of darkness shall concur all
albert brito is a form of angelus
by david sineros September 09, 2004
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One who excels at guitar, but plays it too loudly and too often in class. This causes annoyance among classmates. An Angel U is also known for only wearing dark clothes and acting edgy, emo, shady, and homeless. He is also one who dates those who are several years older than he. Some Angel Us are even bisexual!
Dang, that kid Angel U is super annoying. He needs to stop playing guitar before I shove my fist down his throat.
by Old..Clacker November 29, 2017
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