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Doritos, Mountain Dew, and video games. Also known as Gaming Gold.
"Hey, can we stop at Meijer? We need some Essence of Late Nights."
by Lily_of_Geeks July 10, 2009
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When after playing a long ass song on Guitar Hero, everything seems to move toward you.
Dude, playing "One" made me get Guitar Hero eyes.
by Lily_of_Geeks July 25, 2009
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romero only WISHES he could cast jesus in a movie
by Lily_of_Geeks October 13, 2009
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The three main illusions brought on by an absence of alcohol.
"After Dan woke up on Monday, he experienced heavy symptoms of Life, Reality, and Time."
by Lily_of_Geeks May 17, 2009
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There are three kinds:

Type 1: Thinks they are better than everyone else because they knew the band when they weren't popular.

Type 2: Started liking the band because of "The Black Parade"; considered "posers" by Type 1 fans.

Type 3: People who just LIKE THEIR FUCKING MUSIC, PERIOD. NORMAL PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE "IMAGE" OF THE BAND. Pissed off because they, sadly, get classified with the other two types.
Dude #1: God, I'm really starting to hate the My Chemical Romance Fans.

Dude #2: Not all of 'em are assholes, man. Some of them are normal people who can carry on with their everyday lives while still enjoying the band's music.

Dude #1: Wow, I feel enlightened. I think I will go worship Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 9, 2009
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