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1) God.

2) The only gay guy that can be attractive to a straight woman.
Damn, Neil Patrick Harris is fine.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009

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There are three kinds:

Type 1: Thinks they are better than everyone else because they knew the band when they weren't popular.

Type 2: Started liking the band because of "The Black Parade"; considered "posers" by Type 1 fans.

Type 3: People who just LIKE THEIR FUCKING MUSIC, PERIOD. NORMAL PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE "IMAGE" OF THE BAND. Pissed off because they, sadly, get classified with the other two types.
Dude #1: God, I'm really starting to hate the My Chemical Romance Fans.

Dude #2: Not all of 'em are assholes, man. Some of them are normal people who can carry on with their everyday lives while still enjoying the band's music.

Dude #1: Wow, I feel enlightened. I think I will go worship Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009

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Count Chocula for white people
Lucky Charms' marshmallows tast like sidewalk chalk. Go Count Chocula!
by Lily_of_Geeks September 04, 2009

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When after playing a long ass song on Guitar Hero, everything seems to move toward you.
Dude, playing "One" made me get Guitar Hero eyes.
by Lily_of_Geeks July 24, 2009

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Madolf Bitler is a 21st century dictator who is the source of the mass murdering of gingers. His minions are known as Yahtzees.
"Madolf Bitler just murdered the ginger kid from Harry Potter."
by Lily_of_Geeks May 16, 2009

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All the kickass taste and caffeine of Mountain Dew, but with no calories so you can maintain your girlish figure.

See Essence of Late Nights.
Dude, let's pick up some Diet Mountain Dew.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009

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Obnoxious Italian liberal fascist who needs to get some new catchphrases and friends.
Ms. Tocco needs to die.
by Lily_of_Geeks May 22, 2009

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