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One of the best pieces of literature of the modern times. Written by J.K Rowling. The series consists of 7 books, about a boy named Harry Potter, who at the age of 11 finds out that he is a wizard.

The first couple of books might be seem childish in nature but they aren't. The entire series is a coherent story where every scene from the first book fits perfectly with the last book. The series is a classic example of prolific foreshadowing and has a teriffic plot. All the characters are well defined to keep developing with every book. The main character Harry is also described to be a flawed person who has his fears and insecurities. People who havent read the books love to criticize it, but those people are just some dumb fuckers who are too thick to understand the complex plot of the series. The book is full of life lesson which the dedicated readers learn in the most subtle ways.

The series is also criticized by many who've only watched the movies. Actually, the movies totally ruined the books, so dont judge Harry Potter if you've only watched the movies.
Truly, J.K Rowling is a genius.
Me : You read Harry Potter?

Moron : Nah bruh, Harry Potter is for kids and faggits.
Me : You should not live anymore you fucking moron.
by bad_ass April 07, 2016
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Harry Potter is a best-selling book series by critically acclaimed author J.K Rowling. Though many view the Harry Potter series as a "children's series", it goes for all ages.
450 million Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide.
by Banana Phancakes January 07, 2016
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A series of books that most people haven't read but don't hesitate to critcize, anyways. Often mistaken as books that are "just for kids", when the truth is they curse more than my older brother, are dark and depressing, but at the same time funny and lighthearted.
Dude: Harry Potter's gay.
Friend: Is that supposed to be an INSULT?!?!?!
by Clippy August 30, 2003
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Well written books. All of you who think it sucks are obviously illiterate.
kid 1:omGAH! i so coo i dun read no hurry pota!

kid 2:no, your just a dumbass.
by Yo mama! January 16, 2005
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A seven-book series by author J.K Rowling about 'The Boy Who Lived'. HP is well-written and shouldn't be compared to Lord of the Rings being they are not even in the same category.
The fifth and latest Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, sold over 5 million copies the day it came out.
by Lene June 24, 2004
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