a phrase uttered when the person you are speaking to refuses to cease making yo mama jokes. generally, your opponent will be so confused/surprised/disgusted with your comeback that he/she/it will run away, cursing loudly.

of course, this may also lead to a "your pants" war of words. if that arises, it is best advised to a) run away, b) punch the person repeatedly in the face and run, or c) keep firing back with a combo iof yo mama and your pants statements until they get bored and leave.
1: yo mama likes the cock!

2: your PANTS like the cock!!!

1: o.O *runs away*

2: VICTORY!!! *strikes a pose and walks away*
by ravenofroses March 31, 2006
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A term used by Nerdfighters added to the end of pretty much anything, but most commonly book titles, movie titles, video game titles, etc.

Also an online forum for Nerdfighters to interact and converse with each other.
by Winkitty February 5, 2012
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A phrase used to break uncomfortable silences; a phrase used to mock someone.
"I killed the cat." "...In your pants."

"I'm going to a concert." "Yea, IN YOUR PANTS!"
by Taryn W July 10, 2005
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A game that can be played by using the name of a movie, band, song video game, etc. This game is mostly played by kids in school, people wanting to pass time because there is nothing to do, and etc.
1. Crank dat... In your pants.

2. 8 crazy nights... In your pants.
by Kumaru March 9, 2008
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Phrase signifying the likeliness of the location of an object or action.
There is a nuclear wadte storage facility in your pants
by Rob B March 2, 2005
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A popular response to the insanely obnoxious question used in the Capital One ad when they ask, “What’s in YOUR wallet?”
by Dr Bunnygirl November 24, 2019
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A guy wants to have sex with you. also sometimes sed to "finger" or give "blowjob" you want to do something down there.
yeah, he definatly wants to get in your pants.
by rinaaaa April 1, 2008
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